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Are You Addicted to Being Stuck and Stagnant?

Hey Lady!



Not to hurt your feelings (too much), but many of us are walking around wasting years, if not decades, running around in circles…


Clearing clutter from your home

Going back to school

Making time to prepare food you actually love

Explore your sexuality in all of its nuance (Did I mention my anchor word for 2018 is luscious??)

Plannin’ and plottin’

Writing and rewritin’

Getting ready to get ready… to get ready… to be ready

About designing the lives you really want which come in so many forms like:

Losing 10, 20, or 30 pounds 

Applying that taboo bright, bold lip color on those big, beautiful lips (Yass!!) 

Wearing a bikini without the cover-up (Heyyy!!!) 

saving up 6-months of expenses so you can quit your job 

Travelling outside the US

Travelling inside the US

Changing your hair color

Doing the big chop - reverting to the perm (it’s your hair)

Relocating to another part of the city or the country

Pitching that client or sending that proposal 

Starting your side-hustle 

Making time to explore your creative, sexy, or carefree side

Going to that conference alone

Running/walking 3k/5k/10k 

But you haven’t. 

 And it’s been weeks, months, and in some instances… years. 

 But you say you want to change. 

But you say you need change. 

So what’s the deal? 

Are you lying to yourself? 

In my experience as a coach, I know you’re not lying. 

You really want to be happy

You really want to brave

You really want to be wealthy

You really want your life to have meaning and move in beautiful waves and rhythms.

The truth is… You’ve trained yourself to believe you’re 

Fundamentally flawed

Fundamentally broken

Fundamentally unworthy

Fundamentally undeserving

You’ve convinced yourself that you have no power

No control

No agency over (literally) the one thing you can control, which is your LIFE.

And on top of that, you’ve told yourself that you have to feel deep shame about wanting to change and wanting to get help. 

 But I know from my own journey with “unstuckness” and in the work I’ve done as a mentor is that nothing good comes out of fakin’ and frontin’ and pretending you don’t want help, when you actually do. 

 Things just don’t stay the same, the just get worse. 

 The thing is… You just probably haven’t found the right community with whom you could be vulnerable… 

Until today.

I created The Heal Your Relationship with Yourself 6-month Mastermind to help you transform how you feel about yourself, think about your thoughts, and actions you take toward reaching your goals holistically.

Mastermind 2: Heal Your Relationship with "Busyness" And Time

The myth of “I don’t have time”

During our 60-minute mastermind, we tackle how we can “create” more time so we can design a life that allows for work and play.

The power of yes and no

The truth about procrastination

Understanding the difference between a growth mindset vs. fixed mindset

Understand the role money plays in creating “time freedom”

The best way to set and achieve goals 

Examine your relationship with “ease”

How distractions occur and why we allow them into our lives as a form of self-sabotage

What to do when you get stuck

We learn how to develop the power of empathy to make more for more meaningful connections and friendships

We go deep into the types of friendships we have vs. the types of friendships we want and discuss strategies on ways to close the gap

Mastermind 3: Heal Your Relationship with Friendships

During our 60-minute mastermind, we have an honest conversations about how satisfied we are with our various friendships:

We develop a game plan to figure out how to improve and strengthen the friendships we already have

We learn the social science of why it's hard (but not impossible) to make friends as we get older

We deconstruct the two extreme myths: black women can NEVER get along and black women naturally know how to be the best friends (which both strip away our humanity.)

We talk about how loneliness impacts black women's emotional and physical health and what we can do about it right away

The food narrative and what it means for our relationship with food

During our 60-minute mastermind, we get open about:

How to use time to help us improve our relationship with food

Mastermind 4: Heal Your Relationship with Food

Understand how our beliefs about food permeate other aspects of our life (that we are probably unaware of)

Who's voices in media we should listen to when it comes to transforming our relationship with food for good. 

What "mindful eating" and how it can center our interaction with food 

How to cultivate an empowering food narrative that will help you navigate food desserts and encounter triggers

Month 5: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body

The subtle and not-so-subtle ways society tells black women they are not enough

Heal from past trauma using our understanding of chakra and journaling

Applying the concept of unconditional love to our bodies

During this 60 minute conversation, we are going to tackle:

Developing a deep appreciation of our bodies independent of their ability to be beautiful

How we can join or redefine the #bodypositive moment

The types of self-talk we engage in while looking at the mirror

How our living space and bank account reflects our relationship with consumerism

During this 60 minute conversation, we are going to tackle:

The key secrets that marketing companies use to manipulate your spending habits

Month 6: Heal Your Relationship with Consumerism

How to cultivate an anti-consumerism perspective while still enjoying your life

Why minimalism can be a brown girl's best friend

How to understand what shopping can and can't do

Alternatives to consumerism that will add REAL value to your life and your legacy

“Excellent and so informing! Searching for the root cause of our behaviors is everything! Only when we have answers can we change for the better, for our best lives! Thank you so much, Kara!”

Adia Wilson

“This information was very much needed. I never actually looked back to understand how and why I think about money the way I do. Eye-opening!”

Sheryl from Jamaica, WI

Christina Lattimore

Angela Jackson

This is a must read for all women of color, no matter where in the world you reside. Kara has taught me the meaning of self-love and self-care, to step out from behind “the walls of endurance” into a more juicy life. For so long black women have been at a place where we selflessly nurture, serve, soothe, please and pour our entire beings into the lives of others. At that place we are not allowed to feel or show emotions but forgetting ourselves and barely existing. This is quite often to our own detriment.

"My session with Kara was very informative. What I really liked what that she didn't offer generic advice, she asked what I wanted to do, what my goal was. I believe she got an understanding of what my vision is and directed me from there. Kara listened and asked questions, and because of that I truly value the information she provides."

Your authentic financial voice

Get a decent mani or pedi (but not both!)

Walk out of Starbucks like a bause 3 2.5 times (if you don’t add soy milk or almond milk)

Buy yet another beautiful (yet useless) journal or calendar that you’ll never use

Your body self-talk

and that’s just the beginning…  

For a little over $15 a month (for 6 months) you can:

you can get your whole life by paying deliberate attention and focus to your thoughts, feelings, and actions around:


How to eat for pleasure and function without guilty or second-guessing

Letting go of your need to please

How you feel about your feelings (let that marinate)

The prospect of actually being joyful brown girl

Sunday, August, 5th 7pm EST


Mastermind 1: Heal Your Relationship with the Strong Black Woman Syndrome

Mastermind 5: Heal Your Relationship with Your Body

Sunday, May, 6th 7pm EST 

Sunday, October, 7th 7pm EST



Mastermind 2: Heal Your Relationship with Busyness and Time

Mastermind 4: Heal Your Relationship with Food

Sunday, June, 3rd 7pm EST



Sunday, September, 9th 7pm EST

Mastermind 3: Heal Your Relationship with Friendship

Mastermind 6: Heal Your Relationship with Consumerism

Sunday, July, 8th 7pm EST


VALUE: Priceless

VALUE: $300

Every month, I will deliver one of my legendary “Lifework” bundles which will be filled with reflective journaling prompts and probing questions to help you get in touch with your highest self.

This challenge will allow you to clear the clutter and the noise of your environment so you can focus on what you really love with people you really love. 

VALUE: $600


Every month, I handpick brown girl experts to deepen our self-awareness and knowledge around the topic of the month. These are women that I deeply respect and admire for their contributions to helping black women heal their relationships with themselves.

VALUE: $1500

This syllabus lists hand-selected biographies, liteatures, science, and scholarly articles for you to use for self-study. These resources will deepen your self-awareness and open your eyes to the guidance and wisdom of your fellow brown girls. 

In this group, you get to connect and vibe with likeminded women on a similar journey to self. 


VALUE: Priceless

I would be remiss if I didn’t give a little bit more attention to your finances. If you’re an overspender, you’ll undergo a customized (But you have to be on my email list to take advantage of these email challenges)

Who Heal Your Relationship with Yourself  Is For:

Who Heal Your Relationship with Yourself  Isn’t For:

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Dream+ Do 

Are ready to end their relationship with pain 

Understand they can’t afford to waste another “wishin’ and hopin’” for change to happen 

Don’t want to die with their song still inside of them 

Will not let anything — especially tech, fear and hard work — stand in the way of fulfilling your purpose 

Desire happiness 

Want to take responsibility for their life choices

Aren’t coachable

Love how it feels to not get what they want

Don’t want to do “the work”

Want to continue to find problems instead of solutions

Want to blame others for where they are in life


If you bring a crew of 5, your registration is free! FA-REE.

Quiet as kept, there are legions of brown girls living fulfilled and contented lives…hidden in plain sight. They may not be rich or Instagram famous , but they are comfortable in their own skin and with whatever gifts, talents, and assets Mother Nature provided them.

You can spend the next 6 months doing exactly what you are doing now or you can change your life. It's your choice!

About Your Mastermind Mentor

Kara clawed her way out of $65k worth of student loans and consumer debt; along the way, she healed her relationship with money and decided to make wealth and happiness her top priorities. Now, as the founder of The Frugal Feminista, an award-winning personal finance and personal development company, she empowers thousands of women to do the same.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't attend the masterminds on Sundays. Will the Masterminds and Professor Q+As be recorded? 

Of course! You'll be able to access all recordings and bundles for the duration of your membership! You can review them on your own schedule, at your own pace. 

Will the price remain at $97? 

Nope! In fact, when you join as a founding cohort, you lock in your tuition at this rate. However, there will be two price increases once open enrollment ends. The price will increase to $157 and then to $197. 

Is this worth the investment? 

Yes! I even offer a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don't love your transformation, send me an email ( with proof of your completed bundle, and I'll gladly return your money and we can part as friends. Deal?

How can I take advantage of getting enrollment paid for? 

If you can send me proof (i.e.names so I can verify enrollment) that 5 of your sistergirls are taking this journey with you, then you're in here. Easy breezy. 

Any other questions?

You can reach my Customer Support Team at