I help women heal their relationship with money so they can play BIG with it- save with soul, demolish debt, retire in abundance, invest with ease, and scale their wealth without deprivation. Essentially, I teach women how to give themselves permission to grow their money and enjoy their money.

“I am very grateful to have had the pleasure of working with you to support women. The empathy and passion you bring for helping others, backed by experience and research is a gift that I’m grateful to have experienced. Every time we brainstorm on topics, I walk away feeling energized. Every time I sit in on one of your workshops and witness the connection you’re able to make with the participants and the gratitude they express as you provide practical takeaways as well as inspiration, I walk away feeling hopeful about humanity… ” J. DeLeon

Heal Your Relationship
With Money

What would your life look like and feel like if you had a healthy relationship with money? My latest book, heal your relationship with money, guides you to these answers.

“This book is awesome! Went through it with my super friend and it truly transformed our money-mindset! After my divorce, I have more money saved than ever, refinanced my home, tremendously increased my credit score and choose to be much more intentional with the money that now flows to me more than ever! Thank you @frugalfeminista, Kara!! BUY THIS BOOK!! You won’t regret it!!”

— J. Radiance

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Meet Kara Stevens

Hi! I’m Kara, founder of The Frugal Feminista, which was created from a deep place of love, advocacy, and joy that comes from understanding the brilliance and beauty of black women; and knowing the role that money can play in helping them live life on their own terms.

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