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“I’ve had the pleasure of not reading Kara’s blogs but sitting in the audience of one of her workshops. Her simple, yet profound, message had each of us in the group really examining messages we’ve received about money and its influence on our behavior, in a way that popular money management gurus couldn’t. Her message not only created a shift in me, as I examined faulty thinking about money and money management, but has also altered messages I give my son about money.”

Norissa Williams

“My session with Kara was informative. What I really liked was that she didn’t offer generic advice, she asked what I wanted to do, what my goal was. I believe she got an understanding of what my vision is and directed from there. Kara listened and asked questions, and because of that I truly value the information she provides.”

Christina Lattimore

“Kara’s work is so important for all of us. I love her website and everything she does. We NEED these conversations about prosperity and abundance.”

Abiola Abrams

“Kara has been a writer with the MN Business page for the past two years. Her work has proven, time and again, to be thoughtful, thought-provoking and in keeping with her desire to bring to the forefront the cultural issues that impact the personal and professional lives of Black women. I have worked with a large group of freelancers over my three years with MadameNoire. Kara stands out for taking the initiative to pitch stories consistently, file them on deadline with clean copy. She clearly enjoys what she’s writing about, pushing ideas further with each pitch and digging more deeply into her topics of interest.”

Joya Garcia

“Greetings, Sis. It was great meeting you yesterday. You gave me so much to think about. I have signed up for the newsletter and I have downloaded my book. I also talked with my husband about some of what we discussed. That went well. I am “ready for my change,” Kara! I am dedicating myself to it.”


“The Frugal Feminista offers insightful articles on the intersection of life and finances. There are few other places on the web where you can find the kind of down-to-earth advice that TFF provides on love, work, friendship and money.”

Danielle Douglas

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