Are you ready to play BIG with your money? I’m talking about life beyond paying your bills. I’m talking about mastering your money so you get to experience pleasure, potential, and possibility now while still building wealth in the long-run. You get the dream house today AND the monthly splurge. You get a 5-figure emergency fund AND the wardrobe of your dreams.

A life and money coach like Cardi B. You can have both. You ain’t gotta choose. (Hint: Bodak Yellow)

If you are a Black woman earning 6-figures and desire a pimped out emergency fund, minimal debt, growing investments, and an enviable retirement reserve, then we need to talk.
Together we can put the financial shame, anxiety, and insecurity aside, create a plan of abundance, and execute it with ease and intention.

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What My Coaching Clients Say...

“My session with Kara was very informative. What I really liked was that she didn't offer generic advice, she asked what I wanted to do, what my goal was. I believe she got an understanding of what my vision is and directed me from there. Kara listened and asked questions, and because of that I truly value the information she provides.”

Christina Lattimore

“Kara, thank you. The financial coaching session helped me a lot. I'm glad I can now identify belief systems that were keeping me in a "low abundance" mindset. I'm feeling confident with the changes I'm making about saving and spending. "Budget" is no longer a bad word LOL. More than anything you reminded and encouraged me to tap into the self-awareness that tends to be forgotten about during our busy lives. I now feel more secure in the direction I'm going personally and financially. You are a real gem and it was a great experience!”

Kim Renee
“I will officially be debt-free tomorrow!!! I can’t believe it! And I have you to thank for helping me release (some)fear around not having enough and paying this thing AWF!!! 🙂 I don’t OWE anybody anything!! It is so freeing to be able to say that! And just wondering, have you sent your schedule of availability yet? I’m so ready for our next session!"
Stephanie L.

“It feels great to have control and to think first, before spending. I'm focused on continuing to make mindful choices, especially during the upcoming holiday session where the temptation to "shop until you drop" will be everywhere.”

Nathasha G

Ready to play BIG with your money? Need some help to maximize your money and make good on all of the promises you made to yourself about living intentionally?

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