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Since 2013, I’ve worked with thousands of women as a writer, coach, consultant, and speaker on helping black women break free from the money blocks and personal hurdles that keep them from being happy, wealthy, and brave. On top of that, I’ve partnered with a number of brands to spread this message.

From Prudential to Chrysler to Dove to Dryel, The Frugal Feminista has worked with quality brands with campaigns that align with our mission: financial empowerment and personal development that is authentic, kind, and thoughtful.

I have successfully worked with women’s organizations, nonprofits, churches, young professionals groups, fellowship programs, colleges, universities and civic groups.

Brands I Have Worked With






EBONY – 10 Steps to Financial Freedom

Twistity – I Wouldn’t Marry Him Until He Paid Off His Debt

The Huffington Post – Five Extreme Ways to Pay the Bills

The Huffington Post – 5 Things Your Financial Frenemy Will Say To Keep You Living in Debt

The Huffington Post – 4 Reasons Why You Are Still Broke

Go Banking Rates

Yahoo Finance – I Have a Successful Business but Still Work a 9-to-5

Yahoo Finance -3 Career Lessons From My Mom That I Live By

ESSENCE – Are You Really Financially Compatible? The Truth About Prenups, Shared Debt And Out-Earning Your Man

Elite Daily Feature – If You’re Ready For A Joint Savings Account With Your Significant Other, Here’s How You’ll Know

ESSENCE – From Broke to Blessed

Bitch Media – Hands Up, Don’t Spend

Nerd Wallet – Make Saving for Retirement Easier — Invest Some Fun

Nerd Wallet – 12 African-American Financial Gurus to Follow in 2019

Nerd Wallet – 12 African-American Financial Gurus to Follow in 2018

Nerd Wallet – How I Ditched Debt

Magnify Money – How To Write A Check

Madamenoire – How To Prepare For The Financial Unexpected With Kara Stevens

Thought Catalog – Everything You Need To Consider Before Making New Friends In Your 30s

Forbes – How To Save For A Real Estate Down Payment: 20 Financial Experts Share Their Tips

The Joy Cardin Show – How Getting Rid Of Things Can Help You Have More

The Glow Up Podcast – Episode 3

NY Carib News –The Frugal Feminista Kara Stevens Shares Financial Changes We Are Making Post-Pandemic

CNBC – The secret to going from a credit score in the low 600s to excellent—without ever really checking it

CNBC – What this Life Coach Learned by Refusing to Marry her Husband until he Paid Off his $19.000 in Credit Card Debt

CNBC – 4 Steps to Take when you or your Partner is in Debt

CNBC – Black Women Carry Higher Student Loan Debt. They Hope Forgiveness can Ease the Burden 

ESSENCE – Here’s Why Juneteenth Matters

CNN UNDERSCORED – 4 steps to getting rid of your credit card debt

ZORA – Stop Dictating How Black People Should Spend Their Stimulus Checks 

Dollarsprout – 4 Things You Can Do to Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

Cashay – Black personal finance bloggers: Here’s What Traditional Money Advice is Missing on Race
Finder – Reflecting on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy. 8 professional female powerhouses reflect on RBG’s legacy.

Next Advisor – 6 Money Experts Share How Many Credit Cards You Should Have
Cronkite News – Separate and Unequal: Pay Gap Affects Women, Minorities, Families

Xo Nicole – 12 Black Women Financial Gurus You Need To Follow


Bitch Media – Ladies Be Shoppin’

The Wealth Stylist – Episode 13

His and Her Money -The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide To Debt Freedom with Kara Stevens – Episode 29

The Money Nerds – Episode 54

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Pocket Of Money: How to Change Your Relationship with Money with Kara Stevens

From Struggle to Frugal

Happy Black Woman – Episode 073 – A New Conversation About Black Women And Money

Studio 78 Podcast – Episode 75 – Money Mindset and Revenue Generating Tips for Your Side Hustle

Blast the BS – Episode 037 – How to Heal Your Relationship with Money and Pay Off Debt

Black Girl Fit Files – Episode 27- Step up and be the Bauce you were created to be with Founder of Bauce Mag Liane Membis 

‘Slay Sallie Mae’ and Stay Financially Afloat During Crisis 

Black Girl Fit Files – Episode 23- Get Your Finances Right with Kara Stevens, Founder of The Frugal Feminista

Talk Space&Co – Get Your Money Right Feat. Kara Stevens

The Equal Partners Podcast – Episode 16: Kara Stevens Thank You for Coming to my TED Talk

Girl Behind the Hustle Season 3 Episode 27- Kara Stevens, Frugal Feminista Healing Your Relationship With Money 


Fix my Finances, Fix my Life with BronxNet

Blacks in the Burbs

Sacred Bombshell Academy

Clever Girl Finance

BBG TV-Brown Girl Boss with Kara “The Frugal Feminista” Stevens

Robin Roberts Beyond Thriving panel series

Finurah: How an African and Caribbean Tradition can Help You Save Thousands- The Sou Sou

The Balance – So You Want To Buy a House? Getting Financially Ready

The Balance – Building (Generational) Wealth

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