Welcome! The Frugal Feminista was created from a sacred place of love, advocacy, and joy that stems from intimately understanding the brilliance and beauty of Black women; and knowing the role that money can play in helping them live life on their own terms, especially when they are high-earners.


What sets The Frugal Feminista apart from other personal finance and personal development sites is our approach to helping 6-figure Black women step into their financial confidence, demolish their debt, and set themselves up to achieve financial ease. We approach money healing through: Sisterhood. Support. Sacred Self-Care. Solid Steps and Strategies.

Every woman is a revolution onto herself.

When I was scraping and clawing my way out of $65k worth of student loan and consumer debt, $40k of which I was able to eliminate in two years, I learned sooooo much about money, but sooooo much more about myself. I came face-to- face with the limits that I put on myself and the limited and unhealthy beliefs I held about money even when I earned the coveted six-figure salary.

Hands down, I think brown girls get a bad rap when it comes to how we understand our worth, goodness, and positioning in society. And for all intents and purposes, so does money: Everyone wants it, talks about it, dreams about it, but rarely knows how to handle it with care and purpose. So when I created The Frugal Feminista, I wanted to make sure that I told the truth and nothing but the truth about both. Black women and money. No where on the web will you find a site that simultaneously helps Black women heal, deepen, and strengthen not only their relationship with themselves, but also with their money. It’s an ambitious mission, but one I feel completely committed and qualified to do.

And as your financial friend, I teach, coach, and guide Black women with wealth potential from money mess to money mastery. On top of that, I provide the right resources and supports to make the transformation happen. Since 2013, I’ve worked with thousands of women as a writer, coach, consultant, and speaker on helping black women break up with being broke and feeling broken. I’ve taught these women how to break free from the money blocks and personal hurdles that keep them from financial confidence, living a debt free life, and growing their net worth.

On top of that, I’ve partnered with a number of brands to spread this message. From Prudential to Chrysler to Dove to Dryel, The Frugal Feminista has worked with quality brands with campaigns that align with our mission: financial education, emotional intelligence, and personal development that is authentic, kind, and thoughtful.

One of my greatest hopes is that the content on The Frugal Feminista makes you feel like you’ve just finished a loooong, cool glass of lemonade. I hope the writing and messages make you smack your lips, throw your head back, and come back for seconds.

"I want you to feel that good. That poured into."

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