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Build Your First $1K Emergency Fund in 3 Months

Ready To Build A 4-Figure Emergency Fund In 3 Months Effortlessly?

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Learn How to Build a 4-figure Emergency Fund In 3 Months EFFORTLESSLY!

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Download my free “Build Your First $1K Emergency Fund in 3 Months” checklist so you can eliminate the financial distress, dis-ease, and foolishness and bring in the joy, sun, and fun.  For reals.


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With this “Build Your First $1K

Emergency Fund in 3 Months” checklist, you’ll learn:

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  1. The #1 Reason Every Brown Girl Should Have an Emergency Fund (and What Happens When She Doesn’t)
  2. The Simple Math Trick to Help You Figure Out the Best Way to Save
  3. The 3 Must-do Steps to Make Sure You Never Forget to Fund this Account
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About Kara: Your Financial Friend and Money Mentor

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”22″ font_font=”Nixie%20One” font_style=”normal”]Kara Stevens is a content creator and founder The Frugal Feminista.com, an award-winning online hub that helps women all over the world radically transform their lives through financial empowerment and personal development. Through speaking and training, she provides high-level support to women who want to be happy, wealthy, and brave. Kara loves all things theatre, writing, and powerful art. She is a homebody and loves a good nap. She spends a lot of her free time daydreaming, yuckin’ it up with her girlfriends, and figuring out how to take over the world.[/text_block]