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Yes! So, I wrote Heal Your Relationship with Money so you could get out of your own way and get immediate help and support to overcome any confusion, fear, and anxiety that comes with getting started on pressing the “reset” button on your financial life.

In this book, I go deep. Check out the convo that a sistren new to the tribe and I had on Twitter when she started reading Healing Your Relationship with Money.

So, yeah. Please do the work right away. Your financial transformation is 30-minute- a-day -for 5- days away.

Now that ‘s out of the way, I feel compelled to let you know upfront thatI have a pretty pen, Amazon Prime, and stationery addiction—and I’ve *allegedly* been known to not return sexy Sharpie pens with the extra fine point to their owners. So, when we meet offline, you should be warned.

But I digress.

And one last thing.

Once you get your finances reset, you’re going to need to start thinking about your short-term and long-term financial goals in an organized and systematic way, for sure. That’s why I suggest investing in your sanity and financial future with my Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint Financial Planner (or something similar), which has thirteenbudgeting, debt repayment, money mindset, and goal setting templates and worksheets.

It’s less than the cost of a mani/pedi and lasts forever, unlike a mani/pedi. #noshade #alltruth


P.S. Let me know the top two money issues that you’re struggling with at kara@thefrugalfeminista.com

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