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My Tried and True Method of Getting Aggressive with Your Student Loans and Still Having a Social Life

How to Get the Government to Pay or All of Your Student Loan Back

Meet Kara Stevens

Hi! I’m Kara, founder of The Frugal Feminista, which was created from a deep place of love, advocacy, and joy that comes from understanding the brilliance and beauty of black women; and knowing the role that money can play in helping them live life on their own terms.

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It feels great to have control and to think first, before spending. I'm focused on continuing to make mindful choices, especially during the upcoming holiday session where the temptation to "shop until you drop" will be everywhere.

Nathasha G

“My session with Kara was very informative. What I really liked was that she didn't offer generic advice, she asked what I wanted to do, what my goal was. I believe she got an understanding of what my vision is and directed me from there. Kara listened and asked questions, and because of that I truly value the information she provides.”

Christina Lattimore