Back in the day, my finances were in disarray and so were my financial feelings. 

I was deep in debt and deep in denial about my unhealthy relationship with money. 

But once I decided that I deserved a happy financial ending (and so do other Black women), I create a financial freedom plan to:

Black woman

…. And so many other magic money and life dreams.

So, I’m launching a

Level Up Your Finances 5-Day Challenge

To help you do the same.

      During this 5-day challenge, you will receive an email to your inbox with a daily lifework aka task      and an invitation to our private Level Up Facebook Group where I go live at 9pm EST Monday, September 6th to Friday, September 10th to teach.

You will learn:

Day 1: Rewrite Your Money Story

Understand the origins of your beliefs and feelings about money and decide if that’s your true financial voice. 

Day 2: Get Your Financial House in Order

Learn what you need to keep and eliminate so you are not overwhelmed by documents, receipts, and other paper clutter. 

Day 3: Know Your Bag

Calculate your personal net worth, identify your streams of income, and decide what your next wealth goal will be. 

Day 4: Get Your Credit Right

Do a credit rating check, learn the easiest ways to boost your credit score in the next  30 days. 

Day 5: Kill Debt

Create a customized debt elimination plan so you can save for your emergency fund, retirement, travel, sabbatical,  and all of life’s high-cost major memories.

Who This Challenge Is For

Who This Challenge Isn’t For:


This challenge is NON-REFUNDABLE. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances. I know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will see results!

Absolutely not. Anyone that identifies as a woman can join. Men can sign up as well. This is a culturally affirming space for Black women across the income spectrum and we will unapologetically speak at the intersection of race, gender, class, and emotions throughout the challenge as needed.

We’ll meet for a live teaching Monday-Friday at 9pm, September 6th-September 10th on Facebook. You will receive a daily email with your “lifework” aka task for the day by 8am EST with the same email that you used to sign-up for this challenge. Please make sure you check your spam for the onboarding email right after you join the challenge.

It begins Monday, September 6th to Friday, September 10th.

We will archive the group on Friday, September 17th. This will give you time to catch-up on the lessons if you missed them. You’ll also be able to make connections with your sisterfriends in the group.

Meet Your Level Up Your Finances Coach + Mentor 

Kara Stevens is the founder and CEO of The Frugal Feminista, a financial wellness platform committed to helping Black women to leverage money to memories, meaning, and a little mischief.

In addition to climbing out of $65k of credit card and student loan debt, she has built the Frugal Feminista in a six-figure business on her own terms as a keynote speaker, guest lecturer, course creator, and author. 

Her relatable yet sound financial advice has been quoted and cited all over the web including Bitch Magazine, The Washington Post, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, ESSENCE, Sweet July, and Citibank because of its intersectional nature with respect to race, gender, and class on the one hand as well as the emotion and tactical aspects of money.

Kara lives intentionally and unapologetically as a Black woman who knows that Black women’s money stories are not synonymous with chronic struggle and lack.