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Check Your Email Now. You should have received the ACCESS email to the Fix My Finances Fast Challenge. Check your spam folder if you didn’t.


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Hurray!!! You are in and about to be financially transformed.


Thank you sooo much for purchasing this training and investing in your financial well-being.


You’ll receive your login credentials to the Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint training portal in a separate email that will arrive shortly.



Let me know if you have any questions or issues accessing any of your materials.


Once again, congrats!



Sidenote: I know that if you purchased one of the modules, you are probably interested in the whole blueprint… I know it feels incomplete and kinda wanting just to have one of the bricks to your financial house.


I hate that feeling of missing out on something that I want and need to help me grow and truly get my life exactly the way that I want it.


So, I want to offer you the REST, meaning the module that you have PLUS all of the other FOUR modules and the TWO bonuses for just $99.


>>>>>Click here to unlock the rest of the Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint<<<<<<<<<<


Just a reminder & quick rundown of what the goodies look like:



The Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint:

  • Module #1: How to Aggressively Eliminate Your Student Loan Debt So You Can Move On with Your Juicy Life
  • Module #2: Build Your $1K Emergency Fund in Three Months Without Thinking or Missing the Money
  • Module #3: How to Budget Like a Boss
  • Module #4: How to Demolish Debt Like a Grown Woman & Still Maintain Your Lifestyle
  • Module #5: Retirement 101: Retire Right & Ready




BONUS MODULE #1: How to Spot, Attract, and Get Ready For Mr. Responsible


BONUS MODULE #2: How to Make $1K a Month Blogging Part-Time While Working Full-Time


Yes. I know.


The math is ridiculous.


 Yes, the price that you paid for ONE module will now get you SIX more modules and immediate access to all of the answers that you have about your money.


So, basically, you are getting FIVE modules free!


This is the best offer that I could give to you since it’s clear that you are serious about your life.


But I’m only offering it to you now because I don’t want you to dawdle and waste any more time getting to the financial freedom that you deserve.


 Once you close this page, you’ve have to pay the FULL price for single modules AND the whole course.


Don’t make a heap of sense to pay more for information that you know that you need NOW.


Anyway, that’s all I got to say. J


Here’s the discounted link to purchase the rest of the Wealthy Woman’s Blueprint for just $99.