10 Genius Time and Money Saving Fashion Hacks

by T. Espinoza

Stains and rips and runs oh my!  We’ve all had our fair share of fashion emergencies but never fear, The Style Medic is here! I’m going to arm you with some genius tips and tricks to keep you looking pulled together during even the worst wardrobe malfunctions. Check out these 10 fashion hacks that’ll save you money and maybe even rescue a favorite piece of clothing:

1. Remove yellow stains from white shirts with a mixture of dish detergent and peroxide. I promise you this little concoction removes even the oldest stains; it even removes blood (from nosebleeds, not violence LOL)! Just mix equal parts detergent and peroxide, apply to stain and let sit for a while before you toss it in the wash. I’ve only used dawn (the blue one) but I’m sure other dish detergent brands will work just fine.

2. Remove deodorant ‘stripes’ from your shirt by rubbing with a dryer sheet or pantyhose. Don’t use paper towels or tissue because they’ll leave little bits behind.

3. Use baby powder or cornstarch to pre-treat oil stains on clothes. After about an hour, dust of the powder and use your new fave stain remover (#2 above) to get any rid of any residual oil

4. Sanitize items you can’t throw in the wash with a 1:2 mixture of vodka and water or make your own febreeze with a mixture of fabric softener, baking soda and hot water.

5. Use a glass cleaner like Windex to remove stains from patent leather

6. Get the fuzz or pilling off of your sweaters with a shaver or pumice stone

7. Break in new shoes with a hairdryer! Make sure you put on some thick socks, then, using medium heat, direct the flow to the snug areas. Wiggle your toes and strut around a bit to loosen them up.

8. Spray your tights/pantyhose with hairspray to avoid runs; If you do get a run, stop it in it’s tracks with a dab of clear nail polish

9.  Don’t have a fancy bra clip? Turn a regular bra into a racer-back or just keep the straps from slipping by using a large safety pin to connect them in the middle. *Bonus* this little trick will give the girls a lift too! Hello cleavage!

10. Did you know that the average person only wears 20% of the clothes they own? Keep track of which clothes you never wear by turning all your hangers to face you, and when you wear an item, hang it back up with the hanger facing the opposite direction. At the end of the season, toss the clothes that are still hanging face forward

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What say you? What are your go to wardrobe saving tricks? 

T. Espinoza is CEO at The Style Medic. She’s the Diva next door, the girlfriend who always looks Fab but doesn’t spend a bundle. She works with the active, focused Diva who wants to look fly, save time and most of all, save money. T. can help you streamline your wardrobe, maximize your budget and take your style from flat-lined to FABULOUS!

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