10 Ways to Define Your Personal Style without Breaking the Bank

22By T. Espinoza

Ever wonder how celebrities always seem to look camera ready?  It’s not just because they have personal stylists and unlimited funds; it’s because they’ve figured out their personal style — and how to rock it! Read on for 10 ways to define your style, highlight your hotness and look like a million bucks — without breaking the bank.


  1. First things first: Think about these three things: Your age, your job and your lifestyle.Your style should be a combination of fashion and functionality. You don’t need to follow every new trend to have great style.
  2. What’s your story? Like it or not, the way you dress sends a message to the world. Think about what message you’re trying to send. Do you want people to see you as powerful, sexy or fashion forward? Once you know what image you want to portray, keep it in mind when you shop.
  3. Find your style star: Find someone whose style you admire. Find and cut out (or pin) pictures of your style icons and put together a style vision board or book to inspire you. Your goal  is not to be a copycat –just use the things you love about their look as inspiration for your own style. Don’t limit yourself to current celebs or even just clothing. Style inspiration can come from anywhere, from magazines and colors in nature to your friends’ personal style.
  4. Dress for your shape: Figure out what you like best about your body and choose clothing to highlight it. Don’t get caught up in what ‘size’ you wear. Those numbers vary from store to store and can be misleading. Know your measurements (bust, waist and hip if nothing else) and use them to get the right fit. No matter how cute the dress, or how trendy the top, if it’s not fit for your shape, you’ll still end up on the fashion ‘don’t’ list.
  5. Rinse and Repeat: Once you find the things that look great on your body shape and make you feel confident, rinse and repeat! Consistency in your style choices will help you hit the mark every time. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
  6. Use what you’ve got: Go through your current wardrobe and decide what you like about it and what you want to change. Looking at your current wardrobe will help give you an idea of what you feel most comfortable in and wear the most. This is a good time get rid of anything that doesn’t fit your style. Unless it’s a costume or work uniform, there’s no need for you to keep items that don’t fit your look.
  7. Define your style from H2T: Your hair is just as much a part of your style as your clothes so don’t forget to consider your hairstyle when defining your style.
  8. Experiment a little: One of the greatest things about fashion is that it’s always changing. Don’t be afraid to try new things and updated versions of older styles. A look that didn’t work on you in the past may look great on you now.
  9. Start with the essentials: Whatever your personal style, every wardrobe starts with a few basic pieces that can be used in a variety of looks. Start with these 7 essentials and jazz them up with trendy shoes and accessories.  (Also check out How to Make 24 Outfits from Just 10 Pieces)
    • Black pants
    • Jeans
    • Cardigan
    • White blouse
    • Pencil skirt
    • Little black dress
    • Black pumps
  10. Most importantly, don’t force yourself into clothes and shoes that you’re uncomfortable in. It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing if you’re not wearing it with confidence.

What say you? Were these tips helpful? How do you define your personal style?

T. Espinoza is CEO at The Style Medic. She’s the Diva next door, the girlfriend who always looks Fab but doesn’t spend a bundle. She works with the active, focused Diva who wants to look fly, save time and most of all, save money. T. can help you streamline your wardrobe, maximize your budget and take your style from flat-lined to FABULOUS!

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