3 Core Money Mindset Principles That Keep You From Living Paycheck to Paycheck

28As you embark on any journey of financial self-awareness, I want you to remember these three of my core money mindset principles. These principles not only empower me, they also push me to make smart money decisions on a daily basis.

Know Your Why: One of the ways to improve your relationship with money is to understand why are spending or saving. Money is a proxy for so many things like love, power, safety, security, status, control, and happiness. Are you spending in excess for any of these things? Are you saving in excess (there is such a thing) because you are afraid that you will never have enough? Once you uncover your underlying beliefs about money, you can slowly work your way toward having a more balanced perspective on what money can and can’t do for you.

What Glitters Ain’t Always Gold: Sometimes we think that when we see someone with the outward symbols of success (cars, clothes, a lavish lifestyle) that they, in fact, are wealthy enough to afford those things. A lot of times they are not. These people may be riddled in debt and clinging to the false notion that their worth is in their belongings. Also, you never know how someone obtains what they own. And honestly, it’s not your business. Focus on appreciating what you have and if you want to buy something, make sure you can pay for it in full. That way you can enjoy your bling, your floss, and your ratchet without guilt. ūüôā

You Have the Power to Control Your Thinking: I did not always have a positive money mindset. ¬†Whether it was through childhood experiences or seeing my friends struggle, I wasn’t always sure that I could create wealth and abundance in my life. And to be honest, I still have my (few) moments when I have financially defeatist thinking like, “I will never be able to make my business grow to X-amount of revenue this year.” “I should not ask for that contract because they will reject me.”

But one thing in life that I have learned is that, if nothing less, I can control my thoughts. ¬†That comes with practice and a lot of questioning. So when a thought of scarcity pops into my head, I ask it, “Really, how do you know?” Sometimes I challenge the thought with a positive affirmation and action steps to get me closer to my goal. ¬†Other times, I just call the thought what it actually is: a lie, and keep it moving. A final strategy I do is play empowering music or podcasts from folk that I admire. That pours into me and keeps me strong and focused on my goals of juicy abundance and wealth creation.

What do you think Frugal Feministas? What are your core money principles?

If you need deeper work around healing your relationship with money or overcoming your blocks and fears, maybe it’s time for some¬†money therapy.¬† ¬†


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