3 Tips to Handle Discouragement and Disappointment in a Healthy Way

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by Kim Renée Nelson

We’ve all had discouraging situations arise that throw us off our game. There’s the friend that doesn’t come through for us. Maybe a tire goes flat when we have an important meeting. Or you’re told that you’re next on the list for home improvement grant money and the person ahead of you wipes it out. Oh, that was just me?

At those times, it can be tempting to fall into a familiar trap. You know the one where you throw a pity party and beat up on yourself? Every once in a while those negative thoughts may find their way in. But we’re all about positive living and empowering ourselves.

Try one of these three ways of handling discouragement.

Shut it down. Take a mental health break and zone out. It may be for 10 minutes or a couple of days. Use this time to relax, read encouraging words or listen to some good music. It may help to incorporate a spiritual practice. Soon you’ll have your focus back and renewed energy.

Turn up. Find the fun. It’s time to call the friends, grab some drinks and get your talk/laugh fest on. Maybe watch a funny movie. Go out and do something you enjoy. Shop therapy comes to mind but keep it a “frugal luxury”!

Accept it. It is what it is. Unfortunately, things are going to happen that aren’t always fair. Sometimes we have to take a deep breath and move through the situation to whatever is next. Who knows? There may be an even better outcome for you.

These three things have helped me through many challenges. What are some ways you deal with discouragement? Leave your tips in the comment section.

Kim Renee

Kim Renée Nelson is an author, poet, singer and working single mother. She is part of an organization to help empower and encourage teenage girls called Operation Log Off. She desires to live her dreams frugally Fabulous!

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