3 Minimalist Ideas for Your Home that Won’t Break the Bank

I’m obsessed with minimalism.

If you didn’t know, check here for some context. I entered the world of minimalism through the lens of wanting to declutter my home and save money. But now that I’m a year or two into this journey, I’m staying because of the other benefits: I believe minimalism has helped me become more appreciative of what I own,  more conscious of the environment, and a calmer person.

This is not to say that I don’t have my “maximumist” moments where I shop out of habit, impulse, or boredom. Because I do, but it’s really tempered and infrequent.

But that I’ve done cleaned, decluttered, and cleansed as much as I could, it’s time to create a living space that mirrors my lifestyle.

So I partnered with the good people at Go Haus again (missed our Inspired Space series- tsskk!) on The Minimalist Makeover series! Over the next couple of weeks, we are going to be all about to bring your unique minimalist style into your home without breaking the bank.

It’s a lot easier than you think.


By the wonderful people at Go Haus

Most design aficionados know that minimalism is a popular design trend that does not appear to be losing steam anytime soon. For interior designers and architects, minimalism is all about long, clean lines, less clutter and big open spaces. When you see minimalist houses, it seems like it will cost a fortune to modernize your home or even just a room into the minimalist style, but that doesn’t have to be the case. For the DIY home owner, we explain some basic principles of minimalism and how you can incorporate it into your homes when we are working on a tight budget?
It isn’t too hard to understand minimalism in interior design, it’s basically the concept of stripping things down to the bare essentials while still bringing out the beauty in the remaining pieces. So, an end table is just an end table, not a sculpture, cup holder, or multi-purpose storage unit. Minimalism done correctly can bring out the beauty of the simplicity of different pieces while enhancing the core functionality.

image source= Homedizz

Here are three ways to apply the minimalist design in various rooms in your house while working on a tight budget.

Reduce Bedroom Clutter

Starting in the bedroom, time to get rid of all those throw pillows on the bed, accessories on the night stand, and decorations on the dresser. The key here is reducing clutter, trimming the fat, and eliminating the excess to create a modern minimalist design. Place two contrasting color pillows on a white comforter to draw the eye to the bed. This will enhance the clean lines of the bed while giving you a feeling of serenity. Keep the night stand clear, the dresser top empty, and the floor clutter free. Place a vibrant color chair in the corner of the room as the standalone contrasting design piece. Now you have a Zen-like state of mind when you enter your bedroom and the beginning of a minimalist masterpiece.

Let The Floor Be The Focal Point

image source = GoHaus Waterproof Vinyl Flooring

This seems odd to at first but the goal is to open up the room and create a more minimalist, clean space. For a modern minimalist look, hardwood and vinyl are the most popular options. If you have carpet or an old floor you don’t particularly love, it doesn’t have to be a super expensive hardwood flooring overhaul. Opt for luxury vinyl flooring, which is an affordable way to transform the look of a living room and get that modern design look without breaking the bank. By allowing the flooring to be the focal point, you won’t need throw pillows, elaborate table lamp shades, mantle accessories, or throw rugs to draw in the eye. The minimalism design frees up valuable space in the living room, actually making this room appear larger, and create a more inviting, open floor plan. Keeping the furniture neutral in color allows the flooring to take center stage and leaves the option to have any color flooring from the super modern blue undertones to natural, country wood look flooring.

Stay Simple in the Kitchen

In the dining room, go with a more traditional light wood or neutral colored table that has no intricate designs or features, the more square and plain the better. Surround the table with dark wooden chairs that will create an austere beauty. No centerpiece, no table-cloth, no place settings, just the base colored table and contrasting chairs. The contrast in colors will set the tone, and with no distractions in the room, your guests will focus on the beautiful silhouettes these pieces create. Without all the busy accessories, accent pieces, and extra additions that most design techniques call for, you can stay under budget in this room fairly easily.

image source= Homedizz


Done correctly, the minimalist interior design style adds a modern beauty and refreshing simplicity to any room. Your focus should be on clearing the clutter and opening up each space as much as possible. Remember less is more in minimalism!

If you want more information on how to create a minimalist design in your home, let my friends at Go Haus help.

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