3 Money Lessons I Learned from an Ex-Gambler and Self-Proclaimed Pimp

9So, I was minding my business getting my hair done when Mister Jessie, a 69-year old hustle man, entered the salon with his handtruck, which was loaded with two big brown boxes that only stayed in place because of the blue ropes that kept it in place.


At first, I was annoyed that he was trying to sell me things that I didn’t want, but then my sourpuss disposition softened when after being unsuccessful in his goal, he sat down, cracked open a Diet Coke, and started talking about his life.

In the highlight reel of Mister Jessie’s life, he reminisced about his days as a phalanderer.

When he spoke, I couldn’t help but think about James Brown.

1. Never learn how to gamble.


2. Rent parties are an excellent way to make money.


3. Plan for your retirement.


4. Don’t marry a man that doesn’t want to be married.


5. You are responsible for your money and love choices.

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