4 All-Natural Ways to Increase Your Productivity (and Thrive While WFH)

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels

Working from home might give you the chance to finish your project from the sofa and while wearing your PJs. However, it is undeniable that this lifestyle comes with some challenges that any professional has to face at some point to increase productivity, morale, and work-life balance. 

If you have not yet mastered the art of working from home and fighting procrastination, it is time to develop a routine that can help you unlock your potential. This is especially important if you are thinking about not going back to your 9-to-5 job and dedicate yourself to your side hustle instead. Here are a few helpful tips that are all-natural and side-effect-free to try today.


Even if you have never thought you needed to try meditation to be more productive, experience it once or twice would not harm you. The benefits that mindful meditation yields on our mood, stress levels, productivity, and happiness are undeniable. 

Everybody has a different attachment to this practice and will tend to live it and experience it differently. However, starting your day with a few-minutes-long meditation session is likely to increase your focus level and allow you to stay concentrated and determined on your project for longer. Don’t skip it!

Feed on Food for Thoughts

The concept that what we eat can help us stay focused and productive might be hard to grasp, especially if you have never given much thought to what you eat. However, studies have shown that certain ingredients can help increase memory and concentration while giving you enough energy to fly through your hard day at work. The World Health Organization has even confirmed that such foods can increase productivity by 20%.

Some of the best ingredients and foods to include in your diet include green tea, salmon, berries, dark chocolate, bananas, and eggs. As you might have figured out, these are also extremely healthy foods that anybody can benefit from.

Keep Stress at Bay Naturally

Keeping stress at bay, especially during these times of uncertainty is one of the most challenging issues for many professionals, families, and individuals alike. Aside from meditating and eating correctly, there are some supplements that you can think about introducing into your life. 

These include spinach, sunflower seeds, and ashwagandha root powder. However, looking into the proven benefits of CBD oil can also be an excellent strategy to keep your stress level under control. If you are looking for high-quality, all-natural CBD tincture, head to https://www.edocbd.com/product-category/cbd-oil/.

Therapeutic Planning and Journaling

If you have been struggling with procrastination, and you have found that you never seem to do just as much as you wanted to, it is essential to embrace this personal characteristic. By training yourself, you might be able in the future to control distractions and mindset and win over your natural tendency to procrastinate. 

However, if you need to be productive now, starting journaling, scheduling, and planning can be a solution to experiment. While it might require you a little longer during the first few days, this strategy allows you to follow a predetermined plan and achieve everything that you wanted to. Don’t forget to allow for regular breaks!


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