4 Easy Ways to Break Up with Being Broke…for GOOD!

29Early last week I launched my free four-part video series called How to Break-up with Being Broke (YUM!!) because I know that black women are just a few financial strategies away from owning their wealth and I wanted to help us get right as quickly as possible with our financial structures.

If you are a brown girl serious about divorcing debt, eliminating scarcity thinking for your spirit, and building a legacy of wealth for you and your family, here are four ways for you to break-up with being broke for good.

Create fierce financial vision. Everything starts with intention. And I mean, everything. You will be hard-pressed to find a wealthy person that just stumbled ass-backwards into wealth unless it was through winning the lottery. Wealth is an intentional process and wealth-building is a lifestyle that places ownership, entrepreneurship, mindful spending, and strategic risk-taking at the center of all decisions.

If you plan to break-up with being broke, then you are going to have to set the intention to do so.

Find a sister-in-saving. Do you have a girlfriend, a sister, an aunt, or even an elder that has a healthy relationship with money? If the answer is yes, then I recommend that you call, text, and/or invite them out for lunch or dinner (on you) after you read this post and explain to them that you want to be like them when it comes to wealth. Ask them if it would be ok if every once and awhile you call them to discuss your financial progress, share their resources, and offer basic money advice.

 If you answered no, then you can find blogs, Meetup.com groups, and online courses that will put you in touch with financially likeminded individuals. Once in these communities, you’ll be able to cultivate supportive relationships.

Use technology to help you save. We use technology for a lot of social sharing, but we can use it to help us get to our financial bottom line as well. Sites like Credit Karma and Credit Sesame offer you free access to your credit scores. Online sites like Ally Bank and Capital One 360 Bank offer you above-average interest rates and opportunities to automate your savings.

Take advantage of free online resources. My mentor and I were having a conversation about building wealth in the black community and why, despite the gazillion free resources available online, many of us still languish in financial foolishness. I consider myself a social activist but I couldn’t disagree with the argument.


With as much solid free financial support and advice that it offered through How to Break-up with Being Broke free video series, the 52-Week Savings Challenge, or the like, you have to ask yourself why you haven’t taken advantage of the support.

If the answer is “ I don’t have the time,” I would ask you to schedule 20-minute on a Saturday morning to reflect on your biggest financial goals. If the answer is “I feel overwhelmed,” I’d say that you can start small by reading one or two blog posts about savings, budgeting, or eliminating debt and following the action steps.

And for some real talk, what’s really overwhelming is reaching retirement age and having to struggle to live on no savings and paltry Social Security benefits. It’s extremely overwhelming to wake up every morning knowing that if you were to lose your job that day, you probably couldn’t survive more than two weeks on the amount of money that you’ve saved in your emergency fund.

If breaking up with being broke is one of your goals before the year ends, make good on the financial vision that you have for yourself with making it a priority. Use my free four-part video series or any other free resource you know about to dip your toes in the world of financial abundance and wealthy living.

You’ll be very proud of yourself.

Frugal Feministas- How badly do you want to break-up with being broke? What would you be willing to do?

If you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time to make a change, consider this it. Money Therapy may be just what you need to break through your financial blocks and release your money guilt and shame.   

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