4 Fab and Frugal Ways to Celebrate the Good Times

400-06107115We all know life is hard. So when something good happens to us, we want to celebrate. And we should! I fully believe that we should recognize and celebrate our successes. Hard work deserves to be acknowledged, and there is nothing more uplifting to the soul than to honor ourselves during joyous occasions and times of success.

However, the euphoria of having something big to celebrate can often be cause to get carried away. Celebrations do not always need to be elaborate, over-the-top affairs, or even costly, fancy dinners out. Sure – popping bottles of expensive champagne says “you done good.” But here are a few alternatives to breaking the bank. The next time you have a big moment that you want to celebrate, consider one of these fabulous and frugal ways of recognizing a major accomplishment.

 Go Out for a Celebratory Breakfast or Lunch

It’s not just your local Chinese takeout spot that offers a discount on lunch specials. Restaurant owners realize that dinner time is the busiest time of day and Monday through Thursday are the slowest days of the week. So even some of the fancier places in your area will offer more reasonable pricing for meals other than dinner in order to increase traffic for the rest of the day, and will offer weekday specials to compliment the weekend rush. Take advantage of this strategic marketing and plan a  celebratory lunch or a Tuesday Night Pasta Special dinner to mark your special occasion.

Go for Dessert 

Another alternative to going out for a  costly dinner, is to skip the meal all together. Get together with your significant other or your close friends and go out one evening for desserts. A sweet, decadent treat is always a good time. And without the fuss and time it takes to eat a full meal, you’ll have all the more time to spend chatting with your friends about whatever the cause for the celebration is in the first place.

Throw a Party for Yourself at Home 

How about, instead of going out – stay in and celebrate right at home! Send out a (free) e-vite to a select group of friends and family informing them of your good news and invite them to join you at your house for a potluck style dinner party. Everyone brings a dish or a bottle and comes prepared to share food and celebrate you! There’s very little layout cost for you – perhaps some easy, festive décor and utensils – and viola! you’ve got a fab and frugal party on your hands.

Create a Photo Collage  

This one is a great way to commemorate a romantic celebratory occasion like an anniversary, engagement or your boo thang’s birthday. Collect some of your favorite photos of your loved one and upload them to a free photo editor site like PicMonkey. Use the photos to create a romantic, funny or just cute collage to show that special someone that you are celebrating your love for them in a fiscally responsible way (because good money management skills are sexy).

Do Something Unusual 

The next time you have a major milestone or special occasion to celebrate, consider using this as a reason to finally do that thing you’ve been saying you want to do but haven’t gotten around to yet. Maybe you’ve been wanting to do a nature hike, or bike through your city. Perhaps Spa Week is approaching in your town, so now’s a great time to get that deeply discounted, deep tissue massage you’ve been wondering about. Shift the focus of doing something big, to doing something different. You may just discover a new passion – and isn’t that something to celebrate?

 Frugalistas, tell me your favorite way to celebrate on a dime! 

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