4 Inspirational Podcasts For The Female Entrepreneur
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Female entrepreneurs are well and truly on the rise, and we couldn’t be happier. Unfortunately, the modern world of business hasn’t always been the ideal environment for female leaders to thrive and succeed. Thankfully, this continues to improve day after day, as success stories inspire others to dare to achieve their goals. When you are navigating the entrepreneurial world, it’s always useful to have a mentor who’s ‘been there done that’. Luckily for you, there are many amazing business mentors in podcast form. For a few of the best, be sure to tune in to these shows.

1 . Being Boss

‘Being Boss’ is an excellent podcast whether you’re a side-hustler, a freelancer or a creative entrepreneur. No matter if you’ve been bossing it for a while or are still daydreaming about quitting the 9-5, Being Boss has all the advice and motivation you’ll need. The podcast is hosted by entrepreneurs Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson (they call themselves ‘business besties’). These inspirational women delve deep into the business strategies, mindsets, and marketing hacks to get you earning dollars by doing what you love. Each episode will teach you about the latest productivity hacks, enlighten you on the importance of company culture; plus you’ll learn about self-limiting beliefs and goal setting.

  1. Goal Digger

Goal Digger is a fabulous listen for any budding female entrepreneur. Join Jenna Kutcher as she sheds light on everything from growing your Instagram following, to ditching the day job and making cash online. Here you’ll gain some game-changing business hacks, social media strategies and tips on increasing your productivity. Whether you want to revamp a stale company; define your business mission, or safeguard your business during the coronavirus pandemic, Jenna has all these answers and a whole lot more.

  1. Glambition Radio 

Glambition Radio is created and hosted by famous entrepreneur and mentor Ali Brown. The show is aimed at (and about) female entrepreneurs with big dreams. During each episode, it’s Ali’s goal to champion female leadership, and give women across the world all the business motivation they need. Each week Ali interviews new and exciting guests, recent visitors to the show have included Reshma Sanujani (founder of Girls Who Code) and Jessie Wolley Wilson, CEO of DreamBox.

  1. The Ethical Business Podcast

Every accomplished or aspiring entrepreneur has a responsibility to pursue ethical business practices. This podcast brings you plenty of inspiring sustainability stories from entrepreneurs all around the world. It’s hosted by Ross Townson and Melanie Palmer, both of who previously were employed in international development. Here you’ll learn about waste reduction, fair labour, health-conscious products and more. When it comes to achieving a sustainable business, every bit helps. Sustainability starts with small things like using a T8 LED Tube Light for energy efficiency in your office. You could also consider going paperless or investing in environmental monitoring? Achieving an ethical business is certainly an ongoing journey.

There are, of course, many other awesome podcasts available for entrepreneurial advice. From ‘Girlboss Radio’ to ‘Women in the business arena’, grab your notebook and your espresso and get ready to be inspired!


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