4 Powerful Questions To Help You Decide If It’s Time to Search for a New Job

24The first day of spring was officially March 20th, and although it doesn’t feel like spring yet in Detroit, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t time to start to think about spring-cleaning your life. One of the things that you may need to re-evaluate is your job. Ask yourself is your job continuing to serve you or is it time to do something else? Taking the time to evaluate this will help you avoid staying in a career that no longer fulfills you or is no longer where you should be. One of the things that I also want you to avoid is staying someplace just for the pay. We are meant to have way more satisfaction from our careers than just a paycheck.

In order to prepare yourself to analyze whether or not you are in the right place, you should ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Are you happy? How do you feel each day when you wake up to go to work? Do you approach each day with energy and excitement or do you dread each day? One of the metrics that you should use to determine your level of happiness is to evaluate whether you dread Mondays and look forward to Friday. If you truly enjoyed what you were doing, you would be excited to attend work most of the time.
  2. Do you see room for advancement? It’s pretty easy to get trapped in a job because of the money, because the money can enable you to be comfortable. However, isn’t comfortable the enemy of abundance? Isn’t good the enemy of great? Don’t fall victim to staying in a job because of the money. Life is about being happy.
  3. Are you being challenged? Are you learning something new regularly? At any job there will always be some mundane work that you could probably do in your sleep. However, most of the time you should feel like you are being challenged or are growing. If you are no longer learning or are feeling challenged, then you should talk to your boss about taking on additional work, asking their support for a new position, or even requesting that they support a promotion.
  4. What is your salary compared to the market? Occasionally it is good idea to check to make sure that your salary at least the market average. A good way to test this is to use sites like salary.com or work with a headhunter to set up interviews so you can see what other jobs are offering. Doing this keeps your interview skills sharp and it allows you to see what else is out there. If you find that you are underpaid, you can either use this information as leverage or make a leap to a new job.

Constantly evaluating your position, happiness, and salary at work is a good practice to implement. It helps prevent you from getting stagnant and it keeps you constantly focused on how you are learning and growing everyday. Be sure to leave a comment to let me know how you will evaluate your current job.


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