4 Tips To Clean Your Clothes and Clear Closet Clutter for Spring

The sun was out this whole weekend. I am beginning to believe that spring is actually on the way. Thank you, Lawdy. It’s the perfect time to get your closets pruned and prepped for the spring and summer.

I started this process earlier this winter, but know that there is more to be done. I only have two closets of clothes, but know some girlfriends that have all of the closets in their apartments and homes full on top of whatever else they have in storage.

In thinking about how to clean and clear clutter for your clothes this spring, here are four tips to get your started.

Set a date and time for each closet. Don’t get too ahead of yourself especially if you have a tendency to start strong and end… not so strong. For me, I like to start with my smallest closet and add a little bit of extra time to get the closet completely cleaned out.

Set the mood. If you want a quiet reflective cleaning session or a loud, high-energy one, choose the appropriate music, timing and clothing. (sometimes I like to clean with lipstick and a cute skirt).

Set a budget for cleaning. If your spring and summer clothes have been locked away in a closet for two seasons, then you are definitely going to have to put some care into bringing them up to standard. You don’t want to be walking around with that old closet, moth ball smell. But instead of taking them to a costly cleaner, try Dryel as a great way to freshen them up in the privacy of your own home. Dryel is especially good for sweaters and delicates. 

Create four basic piles: charity, garbage, keeping, and yard sale. At this point in my life, I’m a non-commital minimalist. 🙂  That’s to say that I don’t have a lot of clothes, though I have bought a few pieces that I don’t need but love. (I guess that’s okay, right?)

But in the process of closet cleaning, you are definitely not going to keep everything. I go by two rules-of-thumb. The first one is the 1-year rule. If I haven’t worn in a year, then I’m probably not going to wear it again. It’s good to keep note of the types of things you tend to buy but not wear so you can save yourself the drama and financial mistake. The second heuristic is what I call “The Law of Attraction” rule. I let my intuition guide me. I don’t allow myself to think too hard. If I don’t feel a connection, it goes into the donation pile or the yard sale pile.

Once you know what you are going to keep, you can create three other piles for others.

Charity: We all have that friend that has been hinting about that shirt, skirt, or jacket. Let ‘em have it. You can also donate your clothes to The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

Yard sale or sell: Twice.com is a good place to sell your extra stuff. So is Poshmark.com. But if you want to make the most money from your unwanted things, try having a yard sale. When you have a yard sale, you ca

Before you sell or give to charity, it’s also good to clean them with a low-cost dry-cleaning system like Dryel. When they are clean and freed of stains, they can go for a higher price. This is from my personal experience of selling clothes to online sites.

Garbage: Some items are just better in the trash. You’ll know those when you see them.

Frugal Feministas– What do you think? Can these tips help you get your spring wardrobe up and running?

I am a compensated brand ambassador for Dryel. All opinions, however, are my own. 

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