4 Tips to Keep Your Closet Fab and Frugal!

black-woman-shopping-smilingBeing fab and frugal is not just a mantra, it is a lifestyle. And It’s a lifestyle that is actually more attainable than you might even realize. A key element to living a fab and frugal life is spending wisely. It is easy to get caught up in the hype of having designer this and luxe label that. I mean, what girl doesn’t like to have nice things?  I’m here to tell you, you can have those fancy labels without the hefty price tag. Cultivate a fabulously fashionable wardrobe on a frugalista’s budget.

 Here are some quick tips on how to build an enviable closet, while dressing for success on a budget.

Never Pay Full Price 

I believe this should be a go to move for any woman who enjoys a good bit of retail therapy on a regular basis. I practically never, and I mean never, pay full price for clothes. Never. Why? Every store has a  need to move inventory to make room for new stuff and the quickest way to move merchandise is to mark it down. That shirt you like is guaranteed to be on sale at some point, most likely, some time soon. When walking into a store, head straight for the back. That’s where the sale racks are always located, so as to tempt you with all the full price items you have to walk past in order to get to it.

 Shop the Clearance Rack 

 I’m not just talking about shopping the sale items that are 30% off of their original jacked up price. Oh no. The real bargains are the true clearance items – the redline stuff that’s 50% off of an already 40% reduced price. Those racks are a treasure trove of stuff that is just as cute as it was 3 weeks ago when it was full price. And I’m not talking about cheap stuff. I recently walked out of Banana Republic with 3 office dresses, 2 tops, 1  pair of career pants and 2 pairs of shorts for the weekend for $80 – EIGHTY DOLLARS!  And I considered that a splurge. When you shop this consciously, you can shop a little more carefree knowing you’re getting more bang for you buck and you’re still not spending a ton of money. So pick up that $60 top that was never worth that much to begin with, because you’re only paying $11 for it. #winning!

 Don’t Forget the Bargains Online  

Even the highest of the high end shops will have significantly reduced merchandise throughout the year, especially towards the end of the summer and winter seasons. Online shopping is also a great tool for snagging significant savings, especially when you can score free shipping. And don’t poo poo on coupons – print and online coupons can often save an extra 20% – 40% on average, even on top of sale prices. A coupon site like Coupon Sherpa makes it easy to find promo codes to Banana Republic, Victoria’s Secret and more.

 Invest in a Few Good Staples 

While you’re busy sprucing up your wardrobe with all the fun fab finds you got on deep discount, remember to throw some solid staples into the mix. You’ll want to have that great LBD and crisp interview suit (and the shoes to go with) on hand at a moment’s notice.  Also, consider adding some well tailored career tops and bottoms in classic colors that you can mix, match, and rotate with other items in your closet. You should be able to easily find these grown woman wardrobe essentials on sale at any time during the year as well. However, here is where you might want to invest those few extra pennies if you see something that is well made and looks so good on you that it gives you that extra boost of confidence you need to go out and be fabulous!

 Frugalistas: What are your favorite go to moves for maintaining a fabulous and frugal wardrobe?

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  1. I live by these tips! I couldn’t agree more. I love being chic, but I also love spending wisely. I almost ALWAYS buy things on sale and I shop quite a bit LOL. Great post! Tamika- http://www.fastintogether.com xoxo

    1. Thanks Tamika – the more consciously we spend, the more we can buy! lol

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