5 Money Mantras To Attract Financial Abundance into Your Life


money mantras

By definition, a mantra is a mystic syllable or lyrical poem that devotees chant, recite, and repeat in rapid succession as to create and instill single-minded concentration on a particular goal or destination. According to this philosophy, the mind serves as the bed of all thought, which subsequently lays the foundation of our feelings and eventually our actions. Individuals committed to using mantra in their lives reap the benefits of physical well being, mental clarity, and spiritual grounding.

Money Mantras

As it relates to money and our goals of financial liberation and freedom, creating “money mantras” to focus our best and most potent mental energy on fiscal best practices is key. Chant, repeat, and internalize the following 5 money mantras packaged in African-centered proverb and expression to empower you to tackle financially sensitive or precarious situations in the ways of love, family responsibility, entrepreneurship.

1. “Aunque el mono se vista de seda, mono se queda “ Central/Latin America/Caribbean (Even if a monkey is dressed in silk, it’s still a monkey). A person is who he/she is independent of the pretense under which you find him/her. If you have members of your family or close friends that are notorious for peddling business proposals without sound research because it is guaranteed to make you rich overnight or have a girlfriend that is unable to balance a checkbook, control her spending, or organize a budget, lending money hoping that they will change their financial habits is futile. Bailing them out of financial crisis does not change the fact that they are poor financial planners and irresponsible with money.

Following this money mantra is especially important to young adults in the market for love. If you notice that your potential mate has problems with keeping a job, paying bills on time, and talks about what he/she could do “only if,” you are setting yourself up for a lot of frustration and pain if you think that their habits will change once married or emotionally committed.

2. “Dime con quien andas, te digo quien eres.” Central/Latin American/Caribbean (Tell me with whom you walk and I will tell you who you are). Your close friends are a reflection of you. Pay close attention to the financial identities of those around you. If you notice that you and your close friends enjoy club hopping, first-class trips, recreational shopping, and dining at “four-star restaurants”, you may probably have something else in common– unnecessary credit card debt and amenic savings. If you want to reach your financial goals yet still keep your friends, provide alternative yet equally enjoyable outings to those expensive ones.

3.” Little by little, the chicken will drink water” Akan, Ghana/West Africa

Consistency, patience, and perseverance will yield success, bounty, and reward in the long run. As it relates to increasing your savings, it means finding 200 ways to save a dollar instead of one way to save $200.00. For retirement, this translates to beginning your monthly withdrawals at 10% and increasing the contributions by 2% annually or bi-annually. In terms of returning to school to pursue a BA or an advanced degree while still working, this means taking 3 credits instead of 12 each semester until you have satisfied all of your degree requirements.

4.”If you can’t ride horse, ride cow.” Barbados, Caribbean

There is no one-way to achieve a goal, so maintain flexibility as you work toward actualizing them. Who says that you have to work in field in which you received your degree? Who says that you have to work from 9am-5pm, how about 6am-2pm or 3pm-11pm?

5. “Walk fool is beta den sit-dong fool.” Antigua, Caribbean

Take risks, take imitative, and talk to different people because you may find yourself at the ideal place at the ideal time. In the office setting, this means being social and present enough so that you are viewed as a team player. Once you have secured confidence, pertinent information and opportunity is sure to follow. On the other hand, if you are venturing out on your own, calculated networking is sure to provide you with invaluable data, leads, and new ways of thinking.

Frugalistas: What money mantras create financial abundance in your life? 

If you need deeper work around healing your relationship with money or overcoming your blocks and fears, maybe it’s time for some money therapy.   


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