5 Ways I Make Money Off My Blog As a Part-Time Blogger, Full-Time Worker   

27Every once and a while, I get the question, “Is there money in blogging?” My answer is absolutely. Even though The Frugal Feminista started out as a hobby and a passion to help black women improve their relationship with money, over the last two years, it has proven to be a nice side-hustle considering I still work a full-time job.

You should know that in 2014, I averaged about 10-15 per week working on the blog. Now that I see there is money in this blogger game, I plan to invest more time and reap the financial benefits.

So if you are looking for an immediate gravy train in blogging, you are not going to find it. If, however, you are interested in systematically stacking your coins and the idea of part-time entrepreneurship interests you, then I happily share how I make a few dollars every month doing something that I love:

Freelance Writing: I started The Frugal Feminista in January 2013. Once I started pushing out content and started to receive some positive feedback from readers, I felt confident even to pitch other online and print outlets for paid writing gigs, which have ranged in compensation from as little as $20-$200.

Brand Partnerships: Even if you are the new kid on the blogging block, brands will still be interested in working with you. So, if you are new, don’t be afraid to reach out and create a proposal. Brand partnerships can range from sponsored posts, social media outreach, to event sponsorship, which can bring you in as little as $50 or as much as you can legitimately negotiate.

Speaking Engagements: I have able to secure paid speaking engagements at local churches by using my blog as a platform to prove my credibility. Depending on how much you want to earn and what the organization’s budget is, you can stand to make at least three figures for a two-hour speaking gig.

Webinars: I am an introvert and work full-time, so I find that I thrive on the providing information about personal finance topics (i.e. eliminating student loans, creating soul savings plans, and making passion-based budgets) via the web and from he privacy of my dining room table. Depending on the number of subscribers on your mail list, you can easily make a couple thousand dollars by providing value-added content to your audience’s life.

Coaching: Hands down, I believe this is my favorite part of The Frugal Feminista. I love working with women one-on-one on getting their financial lives in order. Coaching is an excellent way for your tribe members to get a little more of your expertise and attention while providing you with an extra stream of income. To keep sure that a client and I are a good fit, I offer them a 15-minute complimentary financial clarity session.

There are other ways to make money from your blog, like writing books and leveraging affiliate links, which I have just started to venture into. The amount of money that I make blogging is not enough to replace my income…yet. But if I keep pushing and grinding, I know that it will be sooner than I think.

Frugal Feministas– Are you interested in building a blog? What would you blog about?

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