5 ways to earn more money (that you probably do anyway)

Last month, I had the pleasure of serving as a professor for not one, but two of Mogul X’s break out sessions on #adulting and having a healthy relationship with money. To be honest, before they reached out to invite me to speak, I had never heard of Mogul, one of the fastest growing start-ups focused on empowering women.

But once I did, I was in and completely pumped to speak at the conference. I even had the change to meet Tiffany, the 27-year old founder of this multimillion dollar company. She gave me a complimentary copy of You Are A Mogul and I devoured. I highly recommend this book if you want to move forward in your personal and professional life.

There were so many gems in this book @TiffanyPham. She’s officially my new girl crush. I will be stalking her in my free time. If you want to join me, read the book and home in these key points:

Fix your focus. It takes time to build something meaningful. And rather than chase money, focus on your ability to create global impact and change. Once you do that, the money will follow.

Overdeliver. People say this but don’t put it in concrete terms. If someone asks for a turnaround of a week, try and deliver in three days. Rather than revise one section, ask to revise two more. Very helpful when working with clients or identifying someone that goes above and beyond.

Stay organized. It was extremely helpful to see how Tiffany organized her time between various projects while still working a full-time job. She had shifts for the various projects. This helped me see how I could still play with my daughter, exercise, and still get 2-3 hours of work in after work. Maybe not every night but on most nights.

Be authentic. I’ve never really struggled with being myself, but reading about how Tiffany’s approach to partnerships is based on a desire to create friendships and lifelong connections really resonated with me. That was one of the greatest benefits of starting The Frugal Feminista.

Start small. This sound advice really goes against the current conventional advice about “charge your worth.” At the beginning, no matter how fabulous you are, you’ll still have to prove yourself. Recently, I made a mistake and in an attempt to “charge my worth,” lost the opportunity to build a relationship with this particular brand. Next time, I’ll apply this philosophy.

Low-hanging fruit is there for the taking. I know that I slept on LinkedIn, but not anymore. Sometimes I think we look for these large, reaching methods to reach a goal, but the simple and easy ones work just as well.

If a book or author has changed your life, I’d love to know. Leave me a comment below!

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