7 Gadgets That Can Help You Save A Lot Of Money
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Most people want to save money, but also wish to purchase gadgets that make working or living at home easy and comfortable. But is that even possible? What if you were told that it is possible to roll some money into some of the handy gadgets you desire. The truth is that how you save on costs can depend on the kind of products you buy. For example, if you invest in more energy-efficient light bulbs, you will use less electricity and end up saving on your energy bills. If you are wondering what gadgets you should invest in to save money, check out the following list.

  • Use smart plugs to increase the efficient use of electricity

You may be working behind your laptop for so many hours without remembering that your laptop charger remains plugged. Sometimes, you may forgetfully leave your appliances plugged in for hours. Imagine how much electricity is wasted this way; any gadget you plug into a power outlet continues to drain electricity, whether the device is in use or not. You can use a simple energy-conserving adapter to prevent the energy drains from plugged-in devices and appliances. 

  • TV streaming devices

Are you still paying for cable television? If you are, then you should ask yourself why. Thanks to the availability of different kinds of streaming platforms and gadgets, you can watch all your favorite TV programs and movies. Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, and many other streaming platforms and devices are more convenient and affordable. These streaming platforms do not only offer you endless amounts of content for your viewing pleasure, but they also allow you to select what you want when you want it. Opting for such streaming platforms will eliminate your cable expenses. You can also rely on effective managed IT services to link all your smart devices together, instead of waiting forever for the cable guy to show up.

  • A cable modem and router combo

If you are still using your internet provider’s cable modem, it is time to return it and get your own. You may or may not be aware by now, but your internet service provider and cable company charge you extra to use or rent their cable modem. If you use the network router they supply, then you are probably getting additional charges. Not convinced yet? Take a close look at your bill the next time you get it. You can save money by purchasing both of these items. Some companies also allow you to buy a cable modem from them directly, so you do not need to get both differently – and this reduces the cost. Plus, you take your modem with you anytime you move. 

  • A new automatic thermostat

Cooling and heating your home can sometimes get very expensive, especially when you rely on your system to constantly run. Most people do not have much choice, depending on where they live. Although you can program your old thermostat to rest around a specific temperature, that is pretty much all you can do. Now imagine having to leave your home for several days; this means you will have to completely shut the system down. This also means that you will return home to an uncomfortable and musty environment. You can use a smart thermostat to automate the whole process. It can automatically adjust temperatures to suit your schedule and gives you a lot more control over your cooling and heating system. The best part is that you will save a lot of money as it causes you to use energy more efficiently.

  • Replace your old bulbs with LED bulbs

The old incandescent light bulbs are constantly power-hungry, and they never get enough. LED light bulbs, on the other hand, use much less energy. Plus, if you get a smart LED light bulb, you can also control it remotely from your smartphone. LED light bulbs do not only use less energy but also last much longer than the incandescent ones. It means that they do not require frequent replacing, which translates into a lot of money saved in your wallet. There are also smart LED light bulbs available now that allow you to select different light colors on the same bulb. Therefore, no need to buy an extra for another purpose. The only reason why many people overlook smart bulbs is that they are more expensive than the old ones, but it is an investment worth making.

  • Purchase a ‘low-flow’ showerhead to cut down on water cost

You can save a considerable amount of money on your water bill by merely reducing how much water pours out through your showerhead. Is it that simple? Of course, it is! Just by doing this, you can save quite an amount of money by using up to about 8,000 gallons less of water every year by making this simple change. Believe it or not, you can invest in a simple “low-flow” showerhead specially designed to reduce the amount of water wasted through your shower and save you a lot of money. The great part is that such showerheads are very cheap. With as little as $8 (of course, depending on the brand), you can get yourself one of these showerheads. While you are at it, you can also install an aerator to thin the water flow. 

  • Get a smart sprinkler controller

If you own a beautiful lawn or garden, then you know how important it is to keep your green buddies adequately watered. With a smart sprinkler controller, you can schedule watering events based on the weather patterns, and even limit watering times. Purchasing a smart sprinkler controller will also help you conserve water and save up a significant amount on your water bills. For example, in scheduling the times you water your plants, you can adjust the time to suit your local weather forecast, so you do not have to worry about the sprinkler working when it is raining. 


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