7 Ways to Resist The Urge To Shop When You Have a Closet Full of Clothes But Nothing to Wear

6So last week, I went into Dresses for Less.  I had absolutely no business going there, but there I was nonetheless. Outside of thrift stores, that is my spot for finding cute, new dresses at next to nothing.

Well, within a few minutes I had about 8 dresses in my hand and justified the purchases by saying, “I’m growing the Frugal Feminista and I am visualizing myself bringing in new speaking engagements and these purchases will help me attract new speaking engagements. This is an investment.” Bullshit.

Long story short, I heard my husband’s voice say, “Girl, get out of the damn store. We saving for a down payment.” On that note, I left all of the dresses there and walked out (surprisingly) with all of my money and dignity.

I know you can relate to the constant war of wants vs. needs when it comes to shopping which is often predicated on the oxymoron “ a closet of clothes but nothing to wear.”

If you find yourself having this issue, here are a few tips to refocus your finances and your nervous energy. 

  1. Look at your savings account or your credit card balance: When I was on the line to buy eight dresses that I didn’t need, it did dawn on me that these purchases which would total $180 (not bad for dresses, but clearly not the point of this post), was $180 that would not be going toward my savings accounts or toward paying down a recent payment I had to make for the Frugal Feminista. When you look at your accounts,  it can help you remember your why.
  1. Freeze your credit cards: If you can’t get to your credit cards, then you can’t use them. This strategy is similar to the 48-hour wait rule. If you mull over a purchase for 48-hours and still want to buy, then go for it.
  1. Check Pinterest: Sometimes when you think you have nothing to wear, it’s because of a lack of ideas, not a lack of clothes. Looking through Pinterest for ideas on how to mix and match what you have will give you new outfit ideas without your having to buy anything new.
  1. Check Your Dirty Clothes Hamper: Sometimes you think you have nothing to wear because most of your favorite clothes are dirty and what’s left in your closets are your least favorite items. When you do laundry, you instantly increase your sartorial choices.
  1. Prune the closet: Maybe the overabundance of clothes is making you indecisive. I have heard fashion experts talk about your style uniform. Do you have one? Even though I wouldn’t consider myself a fashionista, I know, for sure, that I love pencil skirts, collar shirts, and a bangle. In addition to that, I have noticed that I like bright color pants and flowy tops. The more of these things that I have in my closet and the less that I have items that don’t fit this description, the more options I feel that I have.
  1. Get a second opinion: Bring your stylish friend(s) over and let her go through your closets with her fashion police lens. She will be able to make combinations for you that you would have never seen.
  1. Do a swap: I suggested this idea to a group of friends. It was a success. Each brought three cute items that they no longer wore and everyone left with “new” stuff without the side effects of credit card debt.

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