8 Affordable Gadgets for a Lush Holiday on a Budget (While Working on The Road!)
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The world is being taken over by fierce solopreneurs and fempreneurs who are re-shaping the way we look at finances and success today. However, after months spent fighting the consequences of a global pandemic, even they need a holiday!

And, with all the travel restrictions and social distancing measures in place, the chances for a far-flung holiday are diminishing… but the ones for an affordable camping holiday or road trip are increasing!

However, when you are about to face the wilderness, some gadgets can help you stick to your travel budget and still fit in with your minimalist lifestyle!

Solar Power Banks Can Save Your Work Life

The pandemic has slowed down some businesses and significantly harmed others. However, this situation has also opened up many new business opportunities for smart entrepreneurs! Indeed, many of the tasks that required a long commute before can be done from home today. 

And, when you work online, what would stop you from enjoying a long trip while working?

Of course, if you are trying to finish that important project while on the road, a little preparedness is key. Among the most important gadgets that you could have if you are working online in your arsenal is a power bank. 

If you are trying to switch to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle, a solar power bank can do wonders for the planet – and for your wallet!

Indeed, no matter where you are traveling, you won’t be dependent on power sources or electricity sockets. 

This simple switch allows you to pick more affordable campsites even if they don’t offer electricity included in the price. Or, you could decide to wild camp without the fear of missing a deadline or losing clients!

Bring Back Your Old Laptop and Avoid Losses

When traveling, one of the most pressing fears is to lose valuables or getting a bag stolen. While if you are careful, you might be able to avoid such incidents, when it comes down to your tech gadgets, you can never be careful enough!

Therefore, swapping to old laptops and phone models just for your trip could be an excellent solution to prevent significant losses. Of course, incidents can still happen, but at least you would not be risking a valuable Macbook!

If you are planning on using this trick for your journey, make sure all of your data is backed up on a USB drive or cloud system.

Document Your Holiday in Style

If you are just setting off for an epic road trip, the last thing you want is to take photos and videos with the old phone you are using to avoid major losses! At the same time, cameras can be cumbersome additions to your luggage if you prefer to travel light.

A working solution to this problem is to invest in a couple of items that can help you create and keep wonderful memories of your trip, without hurting your finances. 

Among the best solutions is a drone! These incredible pieces of technology used to be pricy and accessible by a restricted target of people. However, there is a wide range of models on the market that ate extremely durable and, more importantly, affordable. You can find some examples of these models on a DJI Store.

If you like the look of vintage photos, instead, you might consider investing in a Polaroid camera, or at least a more affordable version of the old ones. While the shots’ quality might not be as good as the ones of a DLR camera, they definitely have something to it!

Invest in a Filtered Refillable Water Bottle

We have all heard of refillable waters, and if you have been trying to save and live sustainably, you probably have one or two you are very fond of. However, when traveling, there is another option to consider – a filtered water bottle. 

The benefits of these bottles are endless, spanning from convenience to health. However, if you are traveling on a strict budget, they take on a whole other meaning. Indeed, these bottles can be extremely beneficial to save on the cost of potable water, especially while camping or on a road trip. 

Thanks to the replaceable filter, these bottles allow you to drink water from pretty much any tap, independently on the country you are visiting. While the cost of a bottle of water might not seem much at first, they can quickly add up and eat into your travel budget!

Long-Lasting LED Torches

If you have ever gone camping before, you might have experienced the awkward moment of having to go back to your pitch without a single light shining the path ahead of you. 

This time, get there prepared and consider buying long-lasting torches, preferably complete with a strap to secure them to your head! While they might not ens up suiting your outfit, after all, they could be useful to save up on electricity and avoid using the battery of your phone to use the flashlight.

Portable Coffee Maker

Especially if you have brought your work with you on your trip, the one thing you can’t do without in the morning is coffee. And, it is easy to end up eating into your budget if you decide to buy a coffee every morning. 

A portable coffee maker – or espresso maker – can be a simple addition to your equipment and won’t take up too much space in your backpack. However, it can help you save quite a lot and stay within budget in the long run.

Travel Adapter

Arriving at a new place just to find out that you can’t recharge any of your gadgets can represent a significant inconvenience, especially if you need your laptop and phone to work. 

At the same time, buying an adaptor while you are already on the road can put in you in the position of having to buy the first one you can find. And without shopping around for the best deal, it is easy to end up settling for an overpriced model. 

Instead, investing in a universal travel adaptor before setting off can help you make sure that you will have all the resources needed at your fingertips – and pay a fair price for it!

WiFi Range Extender or Portable Hotspot

Lastly, finding WiFi on the road can be problematic. However, today we are so dependent on it that it might be necessary to invest in a range extender to ensure you are covered no matter where you spend the night. 

The other option would be to buy something at a cafe and benefit from their WiFi. But, if you are planning to stay up to date with your projects and work a little every day, you can see how this can quickly add up to large sums. Ultimately, it all depends on your lifestyle!

Some Holidays Can Be Kind on Your Wallet!

While you might have been able to spend a little more on your yearly holiday in the past, this year has been a little different. Even if it fits your finances, a far-flung holiday might just not be in the cards due to the many restrictions that are still in place. 

However, luckily, there are other holidays and mini-breaks that can help you get away from your daily life stress for a bit. Deciding to visit your friends and family, exploring the beauty of the area around you, or setting off a camping trip are valuable options. 

Just don’t forget to complete your equipment with some gadgets that will help you save money in the long run. And, of course, working while on the road can be the perfect way to level out your expenditures!


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