A Support System ….Get you one!!

17A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.~Bear Grylls

One of the hardest things for me swallow was being told I was too independent.  I didn’t understand it, it made no sense to me. NONE.  As long as I was able to take of myself I’d always be OK, right?  WRONG!!! I’ve learned a tough lesson that we need help in life.  We need each other.  We need to be needed.  We need a support system in that allows us to help others but that can also help us.

When we are young it seems easier to meet people and make friends.  We are in school and finding people with the same interest is as simple as staying after school, or walking across campus at the designated time. Then we get older and “life happens”.  We move for graduate school, new jobs, or get married and have kids.  Sometimes we don’t realize how  much we haven’t spoken to our friends.  It may not be until life really happens that we discover we have no one to turn to.

Over time we get very selective with whom we spend our time and whom we “let all up in our business”.  It is fair to be cautious, but we can’t live our lives alone or solely depend on one or two people.  We are only as strong as our support system!  If support system sounds like the people who you “let all up in your business”, then ask yourself this- “Who is your network?”

A network is defined as a group or system of interconnected people or things”.  It is a valuable resource.  Your network shares the same values, interest and/or goals  You can go to your network for information, tips, and support..  Your network should be able to come to you for the same.  Over time people in your network may become a part of your support system. While face to face connections are the norm, remember we are in the age of social media. The beauty of social media is that you can meet and reach out to people you have never met in person!  It is possible to have a virtual network! I have recently become a part of two great Facebook groups, one for women who travel solo and a group for writers.  Both of these groups provide great information and the members share personal experiences and opportunities!  As you meet people, keep in mind relationships must be maintained.  Check on your network and your network will check on you.

Not sure how to connect with people who may share the same interest?  Do a Google search for your local area!  Want to increase your virtual network?  Facebook and Twitter have ability to search keywords.  Still can’t find it?  Create it!  One very smart lady shared her story with me-she was looking for a space for women of color to learn about money and finances.  Since she couldn’t find it, Kara aka The Frugal Feminista created it!!

Feministas, do you have a support system and/or network?  If so, how valuable is your support system or network to you?

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