Are You Ready to Build a $10k/year Online Business…On the Side?

24Saturday night I was in the midst of great company.  Kissa, the founder of Buttafly Unlimited and creator of those super popular I LOVE MY HAIR t-shirts and I were meeting at Panera Bread and coming up with ways to make a bigger difference in the world with the work that we do.


It was great. We both pushed each other to better heights because of our belief in what we do and who we do it for.


So here’s are my questions to you…


Do you believe you were put on earth to make a BIG impact?


Do you feel that you have a unique gift to share but don’t know where to start?


Then you might be a natural at  blogging and being an owner of digital blog business.


Here’s the good news about blogging:


As a blogger, even a part-time one like me, you can make thousands of dollars a year doing what you love, making a change in the world, and connecting with wonderful people in the process.

Two and a half years ago, I knew NOTHING about blogging as a business. I knew that I loved writing, personal finance, and wanted to share my passion and experience to the world.

I also knew that I didn’t want to leave my 9-5 yet because I had some personal and professional goals that I needed my J-O-B to help me reach.


I thought that I couldn’t do both.


But one of my mentors told me something that changed the direction of my life and The Frugal Feminista.


Here’s what she said:


“Kara, you don’t have to quit your job to blog. You can blog part-time and grow your business. In fact, I don’t think it’s smart to leave your job until you have enough money to sustain yourself.  Your job will fund your business.”

I repeat: Your 9-5 will fund your business.”


Now, I’m so happy that I heard that because I used to think that I wasn’t “bout-it” if I don’t go full-throttle into blogging.


I thought that I wouldn’t be able to manage working full-time while blogging.


I thought no one would come to my site or be a part of The Frugal Feminista community.


Boy, was I wrong…


Fast forward to today…


Part-time blogging has allowed me to earn four-figures every month as my OWN boss.


That sentence is so important, allow me to repeat it: Part-time blogging has allowed me to earn four-figures every month as my OWN boss. (And when you make four-figures a month, that means you make five-figures a year.)


Part-time blogging has allowed me to launch my freelance writing career— I’m now being paid to write for Ebony.com, Black and Married with Kids.com, Madame Noire Biz, and more… (a dream of mine.)


Part-time blogging has allowed me to secure paid brand ambassadorships with all types of brands without having to punch a clock or compromise my values.


Part-time blogging has given me such a sense of pride and satisfaction knowing that I am doing important work, community work, giving back to the people that matter to me while being able to meet my financial and business goals.


I receive opportunities on a weekly basis from fellow bloggers to collaborate, brands that want work with me, and media outlets that want to interview me or feature me as an expert.


All while I still work my 9-5.


I now have the power to decide if I want to continue with my 9-5 or work my blog business until it becomes my full-time hustle.




Are you still unsure about how to start your blogging business?


Do you want to earn more money, grow your current side hustle, and take a massive leap toward creating your ideal life?


Then you NEED begin blogging as a part-timer.


All of the answers will come to you once you start soon.


Tomorrow (Tuesday, July 28th 9pm EST), I’ll be teaching “How to Make $1K a Month as a Part-time Blogger, Full-time Worker”


It’s going to be good and I don’t want to miss it. Plus, you can save over 30% if you register by tonight, July 27 at 11:59pm Eastern!


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Now don’t worry – if you can’t make the live workshop, we will send you all the recordings, templates and bonuses!


This could be the missing link you need to finally get your business off the ground.


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