Are You Transmitting Your Presence Effectively?
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There’s a reason businesses spend millions on advertising each year. There’s a reason that at the side of football stadiums, the pitch ends and is met with a range of sponsored names that only show the logo of a company, nothing else. There’s a reason corporations approach companies so that their product can be shown for one or two seconds within a movie or music video.

We often think that marketing needs to be complex, refined as if you need to convince someone to use your product through a pretty speech or complex wording. This can help, of course, but it’s not necessary. Sometimes, simple transmitting that your company is still there and ready for business is enough. Sometimes, it can even lead someone to think of you and use your services. We may see a Coca Cola symbol and wonder when the last time we tried this beverage was. It can put in our minds the need to remind ourselves just what that was like, and if this is true for such a well-known company and distinctive taste, you can be certain it’s true for many other businesses.

As far as that is considered, let us help you transmit your own presence effectively:



When giving business advice and certainly putting it into practice, often simplicity is the best place to start, because it’s easy to forget the fundamentals otherwise. It might simply be that signposting your physical location or your presence in an expo setting is important to apply, because without it you may find that it’s harder for people to even find what you are offering, and this in itself can be a problem. With eventdisplay.com.au signs you will find not only a means to signpost your presence but to do it in style.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

Updating Social Media

It’s important to continually update your social media. For example, a restaurant might post a picture of their beautifully photographed eggs benedict for the morning breakfast service, with the hashtag #eggcelebrationweek. There are no such things as egg celebration week, although there probably should be. That being said, immediately a hashtag such as this shows that maybe someone should come and try your eggs, to eat a nice breakfast and treat themselves to this period of exclusive celebration that you have come up with yourself. This is just one of the many examples businesses use to promote themselves, and so there’s value to be had here.

Newsletters & Emails

Newsletters and emails can be a great way of not only remaining present in the minds of your customers, but of reminding them to use your service. You may send an email reminding them that they have a gift balance on their account, or when they purchase an item you may sign them up for notifications related to future deals they may appreciate. When you can apply this kind of approach, you not only transmit your presence to those who are new, but to those who already know you.


With this advice, we hope you can remind those around you of just who and where you are as a business.

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