Black Girl in Paris: Meet DreamGirl Shola Adisa Farrar- Actress, Entrepreneur, and Editor at Healthy You Now.com

Josephine Baker

DreamGirl Abiola Abrams “introduced” (via email) me to Shola, the Editor at Healthy You Now when I started this blog. I automatically assumed that Shola lived in New York City, but when I learned that she was managing the site from…. Paris, France, I was like, “I NEEDS to get the details on how she did that because I know that a lot of black women, including myself, dream of picking up and moving somewhere else to learn more about the world and ourselves.”

And when I think of Paris, France, I automatically think of many of our great African-American ex-pats like Richard Wright, Josephine Baker, Nina Simone, and James Baldwin that gave America “deuces” because they felt Europe, in general, and Paris, France, in particular, allowed them to be artists and humans, not second class citizens.

Well, I ask Shola a whole heap of questions about being black in Paris, how she makes money, what it took for her to leave everything she knew to move to Paris and so many other things.  Tune in to see  what advice she gives to those of us that want to live life on our own terms.

Sidenote: I look crazy in this video. 🙂 I had to wake up early Sunday morning to interview Shola and I was just rolling out of bed. Even my voice is deeper.

Nonetheless, it was an inspiring interview. Shola has a lot of courage– a muscle that I am trying to strengthen everyday. If you can’t view the video, watch it here. Here is her site as well: www.sholajoy.com

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