Boost Your Business’s Online Presence

Having an online presence is essential for any modern business. While a website is a good start, there’s much more that you can do to get your business’s name out there online. Here are just five ways to boost your online presence further.

Get on social media

Social media is a great platform for promoting your business. It can be a great way of keeping existing customers in the loop, while also attracting new customers through promoted posts and hashtags. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are some of the main social media channels to try. Social media marketing is something you can do yourself, although those that aren’t savvy may prefer to hire a social media marketing company.

Invest in SEO

You can encourage more people to visit your website by improving your rankings on search engines. This can be done using a marketing strategy called SEO (search engine optimisation), which you can learn more here about. SEO can require a complex range of methods from adding keywords to your website to building backlinks. Hiring an SEO agency is recommended.


Try PPC advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is another great way to gain exposure online. These are adverts seen all across the internet which direct to your website when clicked on. Paying for clicks means that your advert will only display until a certain amount of people have clicked on it. It’s worth working with a graphic design agency who can produce an advert for you and then finding the right PPC tool to distribute it (Google Ads and Facebook ads are two of the most popular platforms). You can read more information on PPC advertising online.

Encourage online reviews

A lot more consumers are now using online reviews to determine whether a company is worth using. By building up positive reviews online you can help to encourage consumers to trust and use your company. A few popular platforms for reviews include Trip Advisor, Trustpilot and Google reviews. Make sure to tell every happy customer you work with about these review platforms.

Set up your own blog

Blogging is becoming a popular marketing tool used by businesses. You can start a blog on your company website and you can use it to share advice within your field. This advice could help to build your credibility as a business owner by showing people that you know your stuff. People searching for such tips are also likely to stumble across your site. On top of this, blogging could help to improve your rankings.

Start a YouTube channel

YouTube has become another big marketing platform for businesses. By starting a YouTube channel, you can create videos that help to promote your brand. As with blogging, YouTube videos can be great opportunities to build your credibility by sharing advice and knowledge within your field. You can use your website and social media to share these videos.

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