Boost Your Self-Esteem In One Simple Step

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I went to a workshop called the “Secrets to Self-esteem” over the weekend. The speaker of the workshop defined self-esteem as the ability to recognize all of the good things that you have inside of you and only focus on those qualities.

The definition really blew me away. It was so succinct and easy-to-understand. As an activity, the facilitator asked all of to go around and list five virtues, qualities, and attributes that we knew were good about ourselves.

The funny thing about the activity was that a lot of us hesitated to list or prefaced the list with statements like, “I guess” or ” I have been told.” I have to admit that I, too, was uncomfortable about expressing my own goodness.

Sound familiar?

Well, my intention for the week is to focus on attending to my self-esteem, latching on and focusing solely on what is good about me– independent of the haters, independent of my mistakes, independent of my loud self-critic.

And I am starting now by listing 20 things that are great about me. In the comments section, I want you to do the same.

  1. loving
  2. funny
  3. financially responsible
  4. great friend
  5. excellent writer
  6. creative
  7. considerate
  8. responsible
  9. independent thinker
  10. honest
  11. sincere
  12. encouraging
  13. reliable
  14. good daughter
  15. good wife
  16. adventurous
  17. outspoken
  18. fair
  19. caring
  20. empathetic

Frugalistas: what about you?

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