Brown Girl Basics for Designing an Exquisite Minimalist Space

I couldn’t wait to get this second series with GoHaus to you! (If you’ve missed the first series, start here).

You guys know that I am an aspiring minimalist know how near and dear this topic is. I believe minimalism is a cure all for debt, emotional and environmental clutter as well as a blueprint for mindfulness and happiness. That saying “your outsides reflect your insides” is so apropos when thinking about minimalist design. 

Think about it. Those of us that embrace minimalism are seeking seamless alignment with our life’s mission and our actions. One of the best places that we start the work of alignment is with our homes, right? 

Enjoy this series and let me know what you think in the comments section.



The term “minimalism” came to light in the 1960s among New York artists like Robert Morris and Agnes Martin, who started the movement to self-consciously shun modern art for its widespread use in academia that made it stale. The minimalist movement challenged younger artists to consider other ways of creating art and breakdown conventional notions of sculpture. Nowadays, minimalism prevails in different fields such as fashion, music, architecture, and design. Minimalist design is gaining ground primarily due to the influence of designers who are keen on contemporary designs while keeping the simplicity of form, detail, color, and space.


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The premise behind minimalism is enjoying comfort and convenience with less clutter, as guided by the core principles of sharp lines, softer shapes, and solid surfaces. While the concept may sound easy to accomplish, interior design experts insist that creating a functional space with minimal themes calls for skill, restraint, careful pairing and editing areas to achieve clarity. Interior designers strive to use simple and natural forms to create spacious rooms with limited details. Minimalistic design is perfect for people who are keen on perfect order and organization with a touch of sophistication and practicality. The essential elements of minimalist design are:



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The color is a core element to consider when designing a room as it can affect your mood and emotions. White color gives the illusion that space is bigger than the actual floor measurements. Cream or natural shades are also a great option, and you can add a dash of vibrant color by installing a painting in strong hues like orange. Gray is another option famous for its serenity and mature outlook. The choice of color also includes furniture, curtains, and floors. Contrasting neutral colors with dark hardwood flooring gives a warm feeling that works great as a base for minimalist designing.

Open and airy spaces

Minimalist designs have an open floor plan between the living area, cooking area and sometimes the sleeping area. Studio apartments are an excellent example of a minimalist design where architects and designers do not build walls to divide spaces. Rather, they use pieces of furniture, glass or cloth partitions to separate different parts of the apartment. The open design calls for a high sense of orderliness to avoid clutter that may throw the entire concept off.

Simple detailing

Most interiors have clean cabinetry with flat slab panels and trim detailing on windows. Designers on a budget can use a flat stock trim for windows and doors. The walls should be flat and smooth and free of any textured paper. Use large pictures or art pieces to create a focal point. You can also install a mirror to give the illusion of a large space.


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Minimalist designers use creative methods of lighting such as floor lamps and pendant lights. Similar to color, the amount of light can elevate or dampen your mood. For instance, an overly bright room can induce pressure while a dark room can for an ominous mood. Look for the perfect in-between using minimal lamp shades and overhead lights.


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The minimalistic design comes with a myriad of benefits and a properly decorated minimalist space will evoke enhanced productivity, an organized lifestyle and a clear mind. Uncluttered spaces save the time spent on frivolous activities like finding outfits and lost items. Without having to incorporate the latest trends and overload your apartment with material design items, minimalism can help you stay connected to your true self!

If you’re looking for more support on your minimalist vision, let the experts at Go Haus help you. 

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