Catch It – Check It – Correct It: 3 Steps to Changing Self-Doubt

20by Tonya Ladipo

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to spend time and energy on something (or someone) that isn’t good for you? Whether it’s seeing the seemingly perfect lives of everyone on Facebook or spending time with someone who constantly complains and criticizes it’s easy to find yourself in a situation that leaves you feeling empty and broken.

We generate enough of our own self-doubt and self-criticism that we don’t need to actively engage with people and things that add to it. So if you want to stop letting negativity into your world and life use the 3 C’s* to change it:

Catch It

Check It

Correct It

CATCH IT – Pay attention to what you’re watching, hearing, and who you’re listening to. Rather than go about your day on autopilot be more mindful and purposeful in your interactions.

CHECK IT – Once you Catch It, Check It. Ask yourself if the people and activities you’re surrounded by are ones that are helpful or hurtful to you. Do they add value to you and your life? Or do they add hardship and strain? Once you have the answer to this you can make the necessary changes!

CORRECT IT – Turn the television channel, take a break from social media, or ask your friend to talk about something pleasant and enjoyable. Others won’t change for you unless you ask them to. Make the requests and changes in your environment that you need to live a more fulfilled life!

Share what works for you to get out of the bad habit of taking in criticism and negativity. Let’s learn and grow together!

* Adapted from Group Cognitive Behavioral (CBSST) Manual (Granholm et al., 2005) by Dimitri Perivoliotis, Ph.D. 2007

Tonya is the fabulous founder and director of The Ladipo Group where she works with our team of therapists to ensure that you get the high-quality and effective services that you deserve. Tonya also facilitates quarterly workshops to help you live your life better.

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