Cedric and Niecy Are Back! Season 2 Premiere of The Soul Man
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What are you doing tomorrow night? After you pack your lunch for tomorrow and take care of your finances (i.e. clean out your bag for all of your loose change and put it in your Financial Freedom Bucket) like a real frugalista should, I hope you will join me in watching the Season Two premier of The Soul Man with your boy Cedric the Entertainer and the fabulous Niecy Nash( I LOVE her from Clean House) tomorrow night, June 19th 11pm EST.

To get you pumped for the premiere, one of my favorite power couples Ronnie and Lamar Tyler over at  Black and Married with Kids.com will be hosting a Twitter Viewing Party. They will be tweeting live a half hour before (10:30pmEST) and during the Session 2 premiere of The Soul Man.

I already got my invite to the party; this link will get you yours plus more details about the Twitter Viewing Party and Season 2 of The Soul Man.

See you tomorrow night.

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