Celebrate you & Celebrate often

23The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate ~Oprah Winfrey

How often do you celebrate you?  I don’t mean when something big happens, like a promotion, or your birthday.  I’m not even talking about when you set a goal to drop 20 lbs. in 2 months and you actually drop 25 or finally get that Master’s degree, on time!   Those celebrations are expected, but how about celebrating on your smaller accomplishments?  Did you resist getting a donut today or all week?  If so congratulate yourself!  Did you get a good review from the boss lady (or boss man)?  If so pat yourself on the back!  Have people noticed your new physique, even though you don’t? If so look in the mirror and tell yourself Keep up the good work!

Celebrating myself is something I had to learn to do.  Often I would only celebrate if I reached a goal I set for myself, but if I messed up along the way I wouldn’t hesitate to beat myself up!  If I ate a doughnut or skipped the gym, I harshly reminded myself I have to do better and that I would never reach my goals if I didn’t get focused.  On the flip side, if I did make it through the weekly gym sessions, no donuts or get a compliment from a client or upper management, I’d often shrug it off because some things I didn’t see as a big deal or see them as expected.  I had to learn to celebrate myself weekly, if not daily and here’s why:

You must uplift, more than you tear down.  Often managers, coaches, and parents believe this, but we must apply if to ourselves.

It keeps you encouraged.  We don’t always share our goals with everyone, so you are the only one that can encourage yourself.  Encourage YOU!!

There is less of a need for others to celebrate you.  We may get discouraged when others don’t see our greatness or progress.  If you are proud of what you have done, acknowledge it publicly or privately-just acknowledge it!

If you are going through a rough time I really encourage you to keep a journal of accomplishments, just take time to review it at the end of the week or month.  When you have had a rough week or month and it seems nothing is going your way, it always helps to remind yourself of the great things you’ve done and what you are capable of.

Feministas, do you celebrate YOU?  If so what are some things you celebrate and how do you celebrate?

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