Change – 4 ways to handle what we are really afraid of?

28Change in inevitable.  Change is necessary.  Change is facilitates growth.

As humans we are creatures of habit.  Habits provide a sense of security and familiarity.  But how do we handle life when we need or want to make a change, but we are afraid to do so?

Many people say we can’t or won’t make changes because we are afraid of failing.  I mean who wants to been seen as other as a failure, right?  However, I disagree that is the reason we are hesitant to change because we are a society that welcomes “do-overs”.  We are encouraged to try, and if we fail we are told we can always try again!  We say just start, and figure it along the way!  We say that if you try and fail, you have at least learned something from it. I believe we fear change, because we fear the unknown.

When changes happens we are shoved into the unknown.  We have an idea of how our life will change, but still so much is unknown. We don’t know how well we will deal with the change.  We don’t know how others will react to the change.  All we know is we are giving up the security and familiarity we are used to. What we should be afraid of is our comfort zone! Growth doesn’t happen there.  Transformations don’t happen there.  Living our best life doesn’t happen there.

Here are 4 ways to be comfortable with change:

-Prepare: Some change requires you prepare your mind, your actions and/or your bank account.  Take time to think about the changes you want or have to make and PLAN.  I suggest starting with the mind.  Once you accept that changes will happen, that they are necessary  and begin focusing on the end result, it will be easier to change your actions.

Take baby steps (if possible): Some changes have to be immediate, while other changes can happen over time. Remember, you have lived a certain way for years, possibly decades!! Being comfortable with something new won’t happen overnight.

-Have support: If your changes are sudden, seek help from friends, family or a support group.  If you are planning a change, plan to have people who you can turn to when times get rough. Seek out those who have gone through or are going through similar situations.  Have a conversation with someone who is or has been in your shoes, it can provide some comfort.

-Remember the results: Ask yourself, “What am  getting from this experience?”  This is my favorite tip to dealing with change, because the why keeps us pushing forward.

Feministas, are you scared of failing or scared of the unknown?  How do you deal with change?

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