Create the Life that You Want by Investing In Yourself- #GetRadical
I am really looking forward to the day that this snow packs up and gets up out of town. I am so over the winter. I am looking forward to the spring. The spring always makes me think about fresh starts, reaping what you sow, and the opportunity to get more playful and connected.
It is fitting then that the Get Radical Conference, which features all types of progressive, powerful, and forward thinking women, will take place on the first few days of spring. Yipee!
I already have my ticket and I was able to award to luck Frugal Feministas two tickets to the conference. I was just looking at the conference line-up and I am still deciding on which workshops to attend because they all look so good.
Since I am the resident frugalista, I was thinking that I should go to the Jean Chatzy workshop, but since I am working on building my negotiation skills and hoping to make take The Frugal Feminista to the next level, I think I should also go to Doreen Rainey workshop on building my business. Then again… there is the workshop that it offered by Laila Ali on fitness and wellness, which is my other goal.
Yeah, these are good problems to have.
All I know is that I am going to be taking copious notes and tweeting like a plum fool when the nuggets are extra wise and juicy. If you are still on the fence about attending the conference or want to attend the conference from your home (i.e. virtual conference), take a look at what you CAN be if you invest your time and a couple of your coins into your most prized possessions– your mind, body, and spirit.
If you are still interested in registering, click on the banner below and it will take you to the official Get Radical site.
Love you guys,

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