Develop Your Power of Intuition: Part I

Internet outsideBefore we begin a discussion on intuition, it is imperative that we define it. According to Merriam Webster’s online dictionary, intuition is, “quick and ready insight; immediate apprehension or cognition; knowledge or conviction gained by intuition; the power or faculty of attaining direct knowledge without evident rational thought or interference.”

In every day language we refer to it as a “gut feeling”, something you just know or feel—almost like a psychic faculty we’re given. We tend to think of women as possessing this capability, more than men (especially when it comes to their romantic partner!), but it is a faculty possessed by everyone. The difference between men and women is that traditionally women are socialized to be more emotional than men, as well as there are some biological components that allow women to access and/or feel emotion more readily than a man. Since emotions are often a key component to interpreting intuitive insights, it may appear as though men are not as capable of being intuitive, when really it is a matter of accessing and developing what naturally exists within—and that goes for both sexes.

As such, you should think of intuition as the muscle that it is.  If you develop it, or exercise it, you strengthen it. You know exactly what I mean too! How many of you have climbed stairs and gotten to the landing like, “whew! I’m out of shape,” (*raises hand*). What that means is that although you have the capacity to climb the stairs, because you haven’t prepared your body through exercise and training, your body can’t rise to the occasion in its fullest capacity.  Please note that I said, “In it’s fullest capacity.” So, sure that body of yours got you up the stairs, but speed was compromised—as were flexibility, breathing rate and physical stress rate.  The same goes for intuition.  You find yourself at a crossroads, having to make a big decision, “Do I take this job?” “Should I move across country?” “Should I marry this individual?” and you want to turn inward for an answer but you hear nada, nothing, zilch, zero! Perhaps, reason and logic are accessible.  They can calculate the pro’s and con’s for you, but there’s something in you that wants a greater confirmation than either side of that pro/con list. But ahhhhh!!!! You can’t hear anything!!

Why?….well, if you’ve been reading you already know…

This month each of my posts will be dealing with the topic of developing your intuition. Since they haven’t already been written, I wanted to ask you some questions or issues you would like to have explored on this topic.

Here are some directions I was thinking of going:

1. Forms of intuitive insight.  We don’t each receive intuition in the same way, nor are the insights delivered the same way every time.  At times they are audible—other times visual or are communicated via emotions.

2. Self-awareness as a first step in developing intuition. I plan to share specific exercises that aid in the development of self-awareness to be able to attune to intuitive insights.

3. Focusing exercises. A step-by-step process to train yourself to be sensitive to intuitive guidance.

4. Acting on intuitive insights. The only way to strengthen the muscle is to actually lift the weights.  Practice makes perfect

With light and love,

Norissa 😉

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