Do These 3 Things to Get Your H&M Voucher!

Hey Frugalistas!

The H&M deal is legit! I went this weekend and today and got my vouchers—three to be exact. The Details: H&M is offeri ng a voucher where you will “receive 15% off a single item of your choice for each bag of clothing you contribute.” There is a limit of two For any condition of clothes, you can receive Here are some tips to make sure you can be in and out of H&M.

1.You don’t have to wait on line.  Either look for someone on the floor or go directly to a cashier just to let them know that you have clothes to donate and you are interested in the voucher. If you want to be extra sexy, tell them that you are interested in “H&M’s global initiative to recycle used clothing.” J

2. Use the ambiguity of the rules to your benefit. Here is the official wording from the brochure I received:

“Q: Is there a limit to how much I can bring? A: Each customer can bring up to two shopping bags of clothing per day.”

From my critical analysis of the guidelines, there are no clear rules as to how many pieces of clothes are to be in a bag. I brought two big bags of clothes which could have easily been four or six depending on the size of the bag. And if you want to hit a couple of H&Ms in a day, you are within your right. But H&M is not stupid. If you receive more vouchers, you are inclined to shop more, so use your brains with this discount.

3. Pencil when you are going to use the voucher. Frugalistas, don’t waste all of that energy and forget to use the vouchers. If you have free time after you make the donation, it makes sense to shop right then.

Have Fun!

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