Do You Have that “Small-Waist, Big Booty” Jeans Problem?

You know what I’m talking about. When you have been endowed with a big booty and small waist, finding jeans can be hard. Most times you have to accommodate the size of your thighs and booty and you’re left with a sizeable gap in the waist area of your jeans.

I know finding jeans for me was hard because I “suffered” from the small-waist, big booty jeans problem. I had heard about Fashion Nova, but I didn’t want to follow the crowd and jump on the bandwagon when I heard so many great things about their jeans.

But I purchased my first one a year ago and I can honestly say they live up to the hype.

They cup and contour and they smooth out and pull in the assets of thick girls like me and I love it.

After that first purchase, I ordered three more pairs.

And while it may seem like this was not a frugal or minimalist move, I think it was.

I preach buying aligned with your values: since Chocolate Drop was born, I’ve worked hard to pay more attention to my health and my style. I hired a personal trainer, a personal stylist, and a read a ton of books on personal style. I knew that I wanted jeans to be a major part of my wardrobe so I had to take my time to find what I loved (not liked).

I experimented with high cost and thrifted finds for jeans. Throughout this process, I figured out that I preferred high-waisted skinny jeans. It makes it easier to wear with booties in the fall and heels in the summer. They also accentuate my waist, one of my favorite parts of my body. (What’s your favorite part of your body?)

Is Purchasing Fashion Nova Part of My Feminine or Financial Self-Care Practice?

 Not really.

To be quite honest, I initially wanted to couch my love of Fashion Nova jeans as an experiment in self-love and feminism. And I guess it could be because I did learn a lot about myself through reading books like The Curated Closet and working through The Curated Closet workbook, and setting up an appointment to Trunk Club.


But my initial goal for buying my jeans was so they could solve my big booty, small waist jeans problem at a decent price point. And they did.  Nothing more. Nothing less.

I’ll write a deeper review of my return experience with them (which can be improved), but outside of that, I’m a Fashion Nova fan.

Want to Build Your Booty or Round It Out? Here’s a Quick At-home Workout

 Now if you don’t have a small waist, big booty girl problem and want to have one, (lol), you can still get with Fashion Nova because they are great for lifting and raising what booty you already have.

But if you’d like to add some more roundness to yours, I recommend what I use—resistance bands and squats.

For 30 days, try this quick routine of 25 squads and 25 side lifts 4x a week. You’ll be cussing at the beginning, but the booty gains will be worth it, and you’ll see how your jeans fit differently as well.  For the most resistance, use the black and red bands. For less resistance, use the green or yellow.

So let me know your experience with the “small waist, big booty” problem. Has Fashion Nova solved your problem? What jeans do you recommend and why?

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 *This post may contain affiliate links which means I receive a small break-off when you purchase. But since I stand by the products I mention, I feel good about talking about them. So win-win.


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