Prior to joining the Walmart Fresh Crew, I had been struggling to balance my busy schedule: work, home, and my health. I had already lost about seven of the twelve pounds that I hadwanted to lose, but realized that I could benefit from more fruits and vegetables in my diet. Instead of just reducing the amount of red meat and carbs that I ate, I needed to simultaneously increase the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that I was eating. I also wanted to create a system and structure for buying produce that made sense to me and my needs. Because honestly speaking, I get very overwhelmed when there is too much conflicting and LOUD information coming at me. So, when this opportunity came– to be a member of Fresh Crew and educate myself about eating healthily on a budget, I was super stoked.
My Tour (insert picture of them and a one picture of farmer’s table)
So, when I had my tour of with Joe, the general manager, Gena, the newly appointed assistant manager (Congrats Gena), and Chancy, a department supervisor, I was really interested in hearing what they felt Walmart had to offer with respect to its offerings. They spoke about the culling process throughout the day. By culling, I mean, the process by which they identify pick the best fruits and vegetables for their customers. They have particular, internal standards that they use to select the produce that stays with them or is donated to a nearby food bank in the community. In addition, I learned that they are able to keep costs competitive because they work directly with local farmers and because they select produce that is in season. Working with local farmers
My Produce Aha Moment
I spend a lot of time and a lot of money throwing out produce that I don’t use. Does that happen to you? You want to do too much, too fast. Instead of being thoughtful about your choices and your selections, you just buy EVERY vegetable or fruit because you are dying to be “healthy.” Well, here is what I came up with: I will no longer buy crates of fruits or buy in bulk. Instead, I will plan weekly and more carefully. More specifically, I may only buy at most, two types of fruits and/or vegetables that I KNOW THAT I will eat.
Grab and Go Items (insert picture of items)
I really LOVED these grab and go healthy choices and they were only $1.00 each. I bought 10,  for the week, so I could plan out my work week and have two to eat each day: one for my midday snack and other for the afternoon snack, but I ate two on my way back from New Jersey to New York without guilt. 🙂
What I also learned about Walmart is that they respond to the dietary preferences of the community that they are in. I went to a Walmart in a largely Latino/Caribbean community, and what do you know? One of the first things that I saw on their farmers tables were avocados and plantain. Being a Caribbean girl myself married to a bona fide Ghanaian, you know I bought both green and yellow plantain– 8 for $2.00, well $0.28/plantain. The crazy thing is that when I went to buy plantain this past weekend and they are 2 or $1. I was also telling Gena, the assistant manager, another Caribbean girl visa via Dominica about how happy she was. I think she could understand how happy I was. 🙂
Recipes and The Healthier Kara
I have been on vacation for the week and went to my mother’s house to spend some time with her today. I stole, I mean, borrowed her juicer, and I so excited to try out this recipe for a morning smoothie. ( I will type out the recipe) and let you know how it goes.

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