Edit Your Closet: Love It or Lose It!

29By T. Espinoza

If you’re anything like me, editing your wardrobe is a task that sounds easy in theory but the execution of it? Not so much. When it comes to my wardrobe, there’s always a thing or two that I just cannot let go of, so I find myself having to edit more often. Seriously, I had a Yankees jersey that hadn’t been worn since the 90’s (and for good reason) but I just couldn’t let it go. If you also suffer from just-can’t-let-go-itis, here’s a handy infographic to help you decide what stays and what goes:


What say you? Can you think of anything hanging out in your closet right now that you need to lose? Can it be sold or donated? How about re-mixing an item? You could shorten the hem of a long skirt or dress, add some studs to an outdated button up or add leather sleeves to an old denim jacket. There are endless possibilities. Think about what works for your current lifestyle and your current body (you’re just torturing yourself by holding on to that dress that fit you 5 years ago in hopes that it will one day fit again).

Now get in there, be ruthless and whip that closet into shape! If nothing else it’ll clear the way for some new and Fab pieces *wink*.

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