Fab & Frugal TV:  Back Up Off My Financial Boundaries! Thanks! (Video)

Family couple relationships crisis difficulties

I dated a guy that asked me to co-sign on a loan for a motorcycle for him. Back in my twenties, I had no idea what “cosigning” was, but I  darn well knew that his request did not sit well with my spirit and so I told him, “no.” It did not sit well with me, because I intuitively felt that he had crossed my financial boundary.

I define “financial boundary” as a set of personal fiscal beliefs that inform your opinions and policies around  lending, spending, and borrowing.

Today’s episode of Fab N’ Frugal TV, “How Do I Create Financial Boundaries?” will help you uncover your financial boundaries and learn how to confidently defend them.

You’ll also find prompts for how to respond to those who cross your financial boundaries. This advice applies to romantic partners and family members. There’s also “lifework” to do.

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