Fab N’ Frugal TV: Start Saving For Your Guilty Pleasure in Less Than 30 Minutes (VIDEO)

dreamsAre you ONLY saving for a “rainy’ day? While it is important to prepare for life’s misfortunes: a job loss, property damage, or a divorce, it is important  of the utmost importance that we save so that we can enjoy the experiences and items that ROCK our world.

In today’s episode, I teach you three easy ways to save for “sunny” day. I have been using this system for years. In fact, it paid for part of my plan ticket to CUBA in 2008. ( I went as an educator.) And of course, there is “lifework” at the end to keep you in the spirit of doing, not just thinking.

If you are having problem watching the video, click here.

If this posts inspires you to get your finances in order, don’t let the work stop here.  Consider enrolling in one of my online courses. I have one on budgeting and one on saving.

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