Frugal Fun for the Coldest Months of the Year

Money In Back PocketWith the winter months comes the costly holiday season. The gift giving season doesn’t always leave a lot of money left over for keeping oneself entertained during the weeks when not much is going on. So keep reading for some fun and frugal ideas on how to keep boredom at bay when it’s cold outside.

 Movie Night 

Movie nights are the original go to move for an affordable and entertaining night in. Remember when they used to be called Blockbuster nights (am I showing my age?).  The next time the weather outside is frightful and you’re not looking to spend a lot of cash in order to beat the cold weather blues, make it a movie night. Nowadays there’s a vending machine at almost every store ready to rent you the latest big screen hit for less than $2 a night! At that price, you can make it a double feature guilt free. And if have you a subscription for a streaming service, your movie night could instead be a marathon binge watching session of everyone else’s favorite TV show that you haven’t gotten hooked on yet.  You may also want to check to see if there is a dollar movie theater in your area. If the prices are right, you may just be able to have your movie night out after all.

Game Night with the Gang 

Dust off the old board games and call over the crew for a fun night of Monopoly. Or pop into Target or Walmart and pick up an updated version of the party favorite games that require some good old fashioned teamwork. These games are a great way to get a get together hyped up. Have your friends each bring a refreshment and a good time is practically guaranteed. You might even spruce things up with a friendly wager.

 Show the Fam Some Love  

We know that family visits aren’t always the most joyous occasions, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Surely you have a cool cousin whom you haven’t seen in a while. Or a sibling that you would love to see more often but life gets in the way. Perhaps your favorite aunt lives within driving distance and she makes that mac and cheese that you love. Now is the perfect time of year to grab a bottle of wine and a sweet dessert, and head out to reconnect with family. This is how the best memories are made.

Let it Snow! 

Remember when you were little and snow days were the absolute BEST?!  A nice amount of snows meant making angels, sledding, and having snowball fights. But who says it has  to stop now just because you’re a working adult?  You may be grown and probably don’t have a sled at the ready, but I bet you do have a garbage can lid, a cookie tray or pool toy you can get a hold of. Grab it and go find the biggest hill in the neighborhood. Or call the homies and have the snowball fight to end all snowball fights, forts and all. You’ll find your favorite childhood winter activities are that much better now that you have better aim and can really style a fly snowman.

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